Thank You!

This page is dedicated to those who have helped make my dream a reality!

Friends, family, etc:

  • My mom, for always letting me out of the house even when my nails looked funky 😉
  • My sweetheart, for letting me paint their nails when I wasn’t ready to do my own

IndieGoGo pre-order contributors:

  • Nell Hardcastle
  • Steph Clinch
  • Amy Davis
  • Brittney Larson
  • Melanie Harrison
  • Winnie T.
  • Donna Cohen
  • Sara Kinney
  • Corrinne Schultze
  • Gogar G.
  • Nichole Mowery
  • Lucy O’Shea
  • Stephanie Pitts
  • Catherine Vaughn
  • Cara Elliot
  • Cam Turner
  • Kathleen States

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