The winners of the LGBT Pride/Support contest!

The LGBT Pride/Support contest for June was a huge success! I had 21 entries from bloggers and hobbiests (is that a word? It is now!) of all skill levels. It was fantastic seeing all the creativity and different inspiration that people used for the theme and picking just one winner from each category was so hard. I really wish I could have had everyone be a winner! (I’ve seen bloggers say that before but never really understood how true it was)

Sadly, I just can’t afford for everyone to be a winner! And so, after much careful deliberation I, my honey, and my mom have picked our favorites. There were two categories, Advanced (which will win a full-sized Pride) and Amateur (and I use that word very loosely! They will win a mini-sized Pride), and a lot of people who thought they were amateur actually ended up in the Advanced category! You all don’t give yourselves enough credit for your skills 🙂 Before I announce the winners please take a moment to look through all the entries though, there are lots of great blogs you should follow and some amazing inspiration 🙂

And so, without further ado, here they are!


Violet S from Girls’ Night In

Violet says “My partner and I talked last night and came up with this manicure together, which is perfect considering I wanted to create a kind of tribute to us. You see, my girlfriend is a (gorgeous, sweet, funny) trans woman, and I am a bisexual cis woman. On my left hand I did a transgendered flag design with the male, female, and trans gender symbols on my three middle fingers. My right hand shows the bisexual flag with a lambda symbol on my middle finger.”


Rose Liner of [kossori hana]

Rose says “Today, 6/23/12, is Alan Turing’s 100th birthday! I don’t normally celebrate dead people’s birthdays, but Alan Turing is one of my heroes. His work in cryptanalysis and computing is legendary. Breaking Germany’s Enigma ciphers in WWII helped the Allies win. In 1952, he was arrested and convicted of homosexuality. He was chemically castrated by the British government. In 1954, he died of cyanide poisoning – suicide is assumed, but never proven. The general public was not made aware of his amazing contributions to the world until 20 years after his death. While PM Brown apologized for his treatment in 2009, the British Government continues to refuse to issue a pardon.”

Rose blogged about this manicure here.

Lucky Duck

Since it was so hard to pick just 2 winners I decided to have a random winner from all the entries. apparently loved Violet’s entry because the first number it picked was her entry, lol, but of course she couldn’t win twice! This winner will also get a mini Pride. Here’s the Lucky Duck 🙂

Brittani Wilson of Britta Rose Nails

Some of the entrants are bloggers and blogged about their manis so check out what they have to say about their entries!

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The winner of my first giveaway!

Ok, after going through all the entries (92 of them!) for my giveaway and verifying the information a winner has been chosen!

And the winner is… (drumroll please…)


Congrats, Nell. I’ve already gotten her address so she is the official winner. To those who didn’t win: I’ll be having more giveaways in the future as soon as I can afford it, so please keep reading 🙂

Happy Polish-ing!