Movin’ on up

Hi everyone!

I have big news to share! I’ve officially moved my blog over to a real website! I’ve also included an easier way to shop for my custom nail polish.

Please check it out and let me know what you think, I’d love some feedback 🙂


Blog Hop!

So I just heard about this “Blog Hop” thing (which is, apparently, a “thing”), and decided I had to join in! Hopefully this’ll get me a little more visibility, and more visibility means more followers, more contests, more giveaways, more new polishes, more *awesome*! 🙂


Island Girl Insights

Don’t forget about my Legend of Zelda pre-order going on now! Half of  the collection is marinating and the other half will be starting to marinate soon and things are looking great! 🙂 Only TWO WEEKS left and I still have a ways to go to meet my goal, so please share with friends! If I don’t meet my goal I lose some of the pre-order money and that’s going to make it harder to release more collections. CLICK HERE to check out my pre-order page 🙂 Here’s some marinating shots of the final formulas, I hope you all like them as much as I do! It’s going to be hard to part with these beautiful babies 😉

Requiem of Spirit, Zelda, Bolero of Fire, Epona’s Song, Serenade of Water, Nocturne of Shadow, and Pride (FREE full size with any order over $115!)

Requiem of Spirit, Zelda, Bolero of Fire, Epona’s Song, Serenade of Water, Nocturne of Shadow, and Pride (FREE full size with any order over $115!)

More polish jewelry!

Ok, I really like polish jewelry–have you figured that out yet?? It’s so much fun!

I got a few clear gems from my mom last time I saw her and I knew I had to try to make polish jewelry with them. But I wanted to try something new! All the polish jewelry I’ve made before has just been simply painting on different polishes for a layered look. This time…I did water marble! Sorry some of the pictures turned out so horrible, cell phone plus shiny things don’t make for easy pictures!

Backs, shows the rainbow pattern best


Closeup 1

Closeup 2–I love that holo!

Closeup 3

Each crystal had a different base on it.

  1. Finger Paints Twisted
  2. Milani HD
  3. Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness

They all had the same colors for the rainbow marble, though!

  • Wet n Wild Red
  • Sally Hansen Sun Kissed
  • Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
  • Sally Hansen Green With Envy
  • Sinful Colors Savage
  • Love & Beauty Magenta

Let’s do this thing!

A few nights ago I consulted some friends about whether or not I should invest in the supplies to make some geeky glitter polish lines. Quite a few of them said they’d definitely be interested in buying if I made some, yay!

I’ve always lusted after the indie polishes but even though I’ve mixed up my own it never really occured to me that I could make these for everyone! So I took my inspiration (Legend of Zelda) and figured out what sizes and colors of glitter I’d use. Then I looked into supplies and found out it could cost as much as $300 for the supplies to just start playing around with this stuff–no. freaking. way. So I set the idea aside for a few days so I’d stop stressing over the money aspect of it.

Today, I was bored senseless and it was way too hot to walk or exercise so I was stuck in the house. “Self,” I told myself, “I really want to make these Zelda polishes. I don’t care if it’ll be expensive, let’s grab what I’ve got on hand and see if this idea could even really work!” Sometimes Self is brilliant, but don’t tell her that or it’ll go to her head 😉

The issue I’ve had with mixing up my own glitter polishes in the past is that I have to mix in normal clear nail polish to have enough to hold the glitter, then the glitter bleeds out and leaves me without a clear base (and with a very sadface :(). Even though I don’t have the right base for the glitter I have I decided to just work quickly and work in small batches so that I’d waste as little materials as possible in these mock-ups.

Boy am I glad I did!! I made 3 mock-ups (since I only had 3 empty bottles) and they turned out great! For one of them I used only glitter polishes and no clear polish so it didn’t bleed at all, for the other two I had to use clear polish so they bled out a little but they still look ok (and I got a swatch of them before they bled out, phew!). And so, my friends, I present to you my very first mock-ups of my Zelda line.

The names are just from their inspiration and won’t be their final names (copyright infringement, booo), if you have ideas for names I’m very open to it! I hope you all enjoy them and are as excited as I am!

Sorry about the crummy cell pics, I was in such a hurry to show them off!

Link: small blue, green, gold, brown, medium green. Navi: small holo, light blue, medium light blue

Link: small blue, green, gold, brown, medium green. Navi: small holo, light blue, medium light blue

Bolero of Fire: small red, gold, medium orange, red, gold

Bolero of Fire: small red, gold, medium orange, red, gold

NOTD: Snakeskin

This is my baby girl, Nenya.

She’s my 20 year old ball python. I’ve had her since I was about 16, she was my first real pet who was really mine. Growing up my mom and our family had a few snakes–a rosy boa, a burmese python, and I don’t remember the other one. We also had an iguana growing up, named Spike Lee. I love scaley babies! Just as much as I love fuzzy babies 🙂 I know some people are scared of snakies but my babies are handled often and are very well-tempered. I have two ball pythons, Nenya (the girl, above) and Kirby, the boy, who I got a few years after Nenya. They’re in loooove 😀 Most of the time adult snakes won’t do well living in the same cage but these two have always worked well together.

Left: Nenya, female. Right: Kirby, male

I’m trying my best to take part in a 31-day challenge that a blog I follow is doing and I’m keeping up pretty well. Today is “animal print” day and I knew I just had to incorporate my first baby into it. I considered stamping but it just wouldn’t do. Thankfully my baby shed during the night and I had some healthy, fresh skin to use. I originally saw the idea using faux snakeskin and the tutorial said to put the faux snakeskin on the nail and then paint over it. Wait, what?! Ridiculous, I say! My baby’s skin still had some pigment to it so I just had to do a base color beneath it and it looked fantastic if I do say so myself. Don’t you agree??

It was tough to put on the nail, next time I’ll have to trim it down to a more reasonable size, but I think the end result was totally worth it. My pinky and middle fingers turned out best, that was done using the skin from Nenya’s head and it has larger scales. It’s also a much smoother texture. One thing I really liked about this is the skin was so easy to fully cover the nail. Normally I have trouble getting flat things to sit nicely on my nail because of the natural curves but since snake skin is intended to move a lot it was just a matter of stretching the skin in some spots.

If you’re interested in trying this (and I know you all are ;-D) here’s a basic tutorial

  1. First, get snake skin! Trim your skin down to approximately nail-sized pieces.
  2. Paint a nude color onto your nail and let it dry completely.
  3. Take a slow-dry topcoat and apply a thick layer to one nail. Lay the snakeskin onto your nail and using the large end of a dotting tool press securely onto the nail. You can gently press with your fingertip to ensure adhesion since snakeskin is (of course) waterproof and you won’t mess it up, just be gentle.
  4. Let it dry and carefully trim away the excess around your finger. I used an Xacto knife around the nail bed (very carefully) and nail clippers at the tip. I used a nail file to get the last bit of stragglers at the tip, though there’s still a tiny bit of unevenness. Move on to the next nail and repeat so your first nail can dry.
  5. After you’re done with all the nails, wrap your tips and use a quick-dry topcoat to seal and give a nice, glossy finish.

I can’t say for sure how long these will last but even if they only last today they are awesome and a definite conversation piece. It totally blows snakeskin stamping out of the water.

  • NYC Bryant Park
  • real snakeskin
Edit: so I, being the silly person I am, took a shower about 3 hours after doing these rad nails. They still look ok but some of the scales at the tip have peeled off. Washing my hands a couple times had no real effect on them but if you want these for a special occasion or you just want to have them all-day I suggest taking a shower first.

I love my friends!

Oh. Em. Gee! I truly have the best friends!

I met my friend Holli through a mutual friend (they were dating at the time). When they took a break I lost contact with Holli for a couple months, but now her and her ex are on better terms and I’ve gotten to talk to her more! She’s awesome, very sweet and loving, creative, and oh so pretty! And she totally supports my polish addiction 😉 And she and I realized a few weeks ago that we have matching rings that we both wear on our thumbs (I wear mine on my right, she wears hers on her left).

She told me a couple weeks ago that she wanted to send me a package, “just because” (which is my very favorite reason), but then she totally toyed with my heart and I forgot about it for a while. In her defense, one of the things she sent me had to be ordered so it wasn’t intentional 😉 Today I open my mailbox and see a package waiting for me. I check the return address as I wasn’t expecting any packages so big. This is how it went: “Hm, [Holli’s last name]? Who’s tha–OOH!” followed by frantically ripping the package open and inspecting the contents.

Can I just say, on the record, that this girl absolutely knows my tastes! I’ve really been itching for some new colors since April and May are both no-buy months (darn bills!) but this totally satisfied my addiction. A few months ago she had gotten me in a random lip balm swap (more exciting than it sounds, trust me!) and she sent me some EOS balm in Summer Fruit and I simply fell in love! This time she included another amazing balm from EOS, this time in Honeysuckle Honeydew. And the Magnetix (my first!) polish she got me is purple, my favorite color. And she got me my first two Ulta polishes! Seriously, this girl knows me so well I’m starting to worry she planted microphones in my apartment ;-D Oh, and she included the cutest handmade card 🙂 Let’s check out this amazing stuff!

Love you, Holli! ❤

  • Ulta Jaded
  • Ulta Peach Parfait
  • China Glaze Drawn to You
  • Kiss purple/pink/blue striper set
  • EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew balm

Blog Sale!

I just set up a Blog Sale page! I’ve got tons of stuff! Zoya, Deborah Lippmann, NYC, Sally Hansen, some brand new, some used for frankens, and heck I even have a FREE one if you buy 2 polishes! Bills are due soon and money’s tight, it’s really tough to have a polish addiction when you don’t have reliable income >.> So if you would all be so kind as to check it out and share with your lacquer-loving friends I’d be very grateful! If you ever want to check it out it’ll be on my sidebar 🙂 Check out some of the things I have for sale!