NOTD: Magnetic + Stamping

Another Mom-inspired manicure today! Mom’s favorite color is purple and she loves butterflies 🙂

I actually took my polish off late last night and went almost a whole 24 hours with naked nails! I went out of the house three times, I was so self-conscious 😡 I made up for it though, I’m really happy with this one!

I’m getting better at using the magnet for my Magnetix polish. I’m trying to figure out if I can sort of rotate the magnet around my nail to get better magnetizing but so far it only works sometimes–other times it totally makes the design look weird. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  • China Glaze Drawn to You
  • Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome
  • BM-205

NOTD: A teeny tiara on my toes!

My mom is the Queen. Therefore, I am the Princess! This week’s theme is mom/Mother’s day and I was inspired by her and by my tiara mani from a few days ago.

My toes have been naked for 2 days so I needed something and I needed it quick! I love doing nail art on my toes since I only do them every week or two and especially since I have the cutest open toe shoes that I’ve been wearing a lot lately.

I love these holo polishes! HD (silver) ended up a little thin and I should have done another coat, but Cyberspace was perfect with 2 coats. Sadly I lost some of the holo by using topcoat but it still looks great, you just don’t get the same “rainbow” effect as you do without topcoat. I can’t wait to show these off in my cute shoes!

NOTD: Belladonna and a tiny tiara

Just a quick blurb about this one, my bed is calling me!

I’m totally not sticking to my space theme this week, but whatever! I wanted to do a little manicure inspired by my favorite author, Anne Bishop. My all-time favorite book series is the Black Jewels series (so good, definitely check it out!). I wanted a little update to yesterday’s holo mani and I noticed the colors were pretty similar to Belladonna’s cover. I added a few little nail crystals to my accent nails and called it a day–I was feeling pretty lazy, what can I say? 😉

Then I wanted to do something with my right hand–it never gets any blog time! So I used Milani HD on an accent nail and did a teeny tiny tiara on it :3 Isn’t it adorable??

NOTD: Matte franken triple moon

I’m only sort of breaking the rules today! My theme this week is “a polish I’ve never used” and the only polish I used in this mani which I hadn’t used before was just for the accent. I really like the other color I used here though and I’ve only worn it once so…it almost counts! For the base I used one of my favorite frankens (ok…they’re all my favorite!) that I call Nazgûl.

This was a really easy look to achieve. Using a dotting tool I did the basic shape of the triple moon (which symbolizes the stages of life), then (still using my dotting tool) I covered up the mistakes with black polish (for opacity), and finally covered the black polish with Nazgûl to blend it all together. It’s late and I was impatient so it’s not my best art but I’m pretty fond of it 🙂

Nazgûl (in my humble opinion) looks best with a matte finish. Here’s a comparison.

Without matte topcoat

After matte topcoat. Poor sad smudge 😦

  • Custom franken Nazgûl
  • Sally Hansen Silver Sweep
  • Wet n Wild Black Creme

NOTD: Holo-licious Penny Polish with stamping

First off, I need to take a moment to squeal happily for the fact that I got my first holographic polish for one freakin’ penny. Ready? *Squeals so high-pitched only dogs can hear it.* Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system 😉

As I’m sure those of you who follow my twitter and Facebook know I’ve been pushing my Copious linklot lately, and for good reason. Copious is kind of like a mixture between Etsy and eBay. They give you a $5/$10 credit (depending on how big your network is but at least $5) when you sign up and I get a credit when you complete your first order after signing up through my link.

I’ve already gotten 3 nail polishes for a penny each and a really yummy-smelling handmade soap (almond mocha, yum) for about $2.50. The reason why they were a penny is that Copious requires a minimum of one cent per order, so if your order is less than your credits you only pay one cent (no hidden fees). How can you not love Penny Polish, seriously?! So do yourself (and me!) a favor and sign up! They have some Zoya, Julep, and Kleancolor right now, I might be picking up one of them soon though 😉

Enough gushing about Penny Polish, I have a manicure to talk about!

I’ve been wanting a holographic polish for a while now and I’ve looked at a few different brands and colors. I really wanted Milani Hi-Res or Cyberspace but when I saw Digital for a penny on Copious (sorry, I’m not supposed to be talking about it anymore!) I had to swipe it up before someone else did. I’m really happy with Digital, it took 3 coats for pretty thorough opacity and oh man the sparkle is amazing. Going along with this week’s theme this is a polish I’ve never used before (since it just came in the mail today!)

Here’s what 3 coats looks like; you can still baaaarely see my nail line, 4 coats would probably cover the nail line the rest of the way. I’ve read that holo polish is best with no base coat and no topcoat, so that’s what I’ve done here.

I’m doing my best to keep up with the 31-day challenge that some of my friends are doing and today is “Tribal”. I’m just not a fan of the more common tribal manicures I’ve seen so I decided to go with a tribal-style heart stamping instead.

The one little accent heart was so cute, I love manicures with just one little accent. I really wanted to get some stamping practice in so I added to it…just a little… I think in the end I overdid it a tiny bit but it’s not too overboard, I hope! My desk lamp totally washed out the silver stamping so I had to use just my room’s lamp but all of the sparkle of Digital got lost 😦 I really like the dual-heart look, though!

NOTD: Delicate print

My sweetheart helped with today’s NOTD! This week’s theme is vibrant and I just couldn’t pick a color. The only color I kept thinking of was bright orange and I just didn’t want to use that for a full mani. They ended up choosing this one (which I got in an international swap from my good friend Amy in the Netherlands!!) that I hadn’t had the chance to use yet.

Normally I think pinks make me look kind of “mother”ish but I just loved this color in the bottle. It’s weird because my mom only ever wore light browns, never pinks, but nonetheless my brain thinks “MOMMY” when I see pink nails on myself (which I am grateful at this time to not be one). Today’s mani turned out so pretty, though! Crystal Chrome is arguably the most perfect polish to stamp with, and I got it years ago for only $1! I have a light pink Sally Hansen chrome I’ll have to try stamping with too and I’ve heard the new Quick Color pens work great.

It was fun using the stamp I chose but orienting it differently. You can see that the big flower is in different places on all nails (and isn’t on my pinky at all!), but I think I like my middle finger and ring finger most. Next time I’m going to try doing the stamp upside down. I absolutely love how the silver stamping looks over this pink, and as usual clean up after stamping was so easy! I’m always so scared to topcoat though, I tend to smear, but thankfully I waited long enough to topcoat this mani.

  • Hema 07
  • Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome
  • Konad m60

NOTD: Stained glass

Today is the last day of week 1 of my 13-week challenge, I’ve decided that weekends can be a mash-up of the two themes. For today’s NOTD I was inspired by stained glass windows. Sadly, my nails didn’t turn out quite as gorgeous as the ornate stained glass windows I’ve seen but…heck, my sweetheart knew they were supposed to look like stained glass so I suppose that’s a good sign!

I wanted something that would really pop as the middle color and I also wanted to use foil polishes for this (for no particular reason). Orly Sweet Peacock was the perfect color to use for the diamonds, I think, but I do wish I’d chosen more contrasting colors for the rest of the accent. The silver and gold are a bit too subtle I think. For the rest of my nails I used a silver chrome polish topped with my custom color Galadriel and some chunky holo glitter. Galadriel is a light, creamy shimmer with a bit of glitter but I just wanted more shine after I applied it and the chunky glitter definitely added some shine. One of these days when I’m feeling particularly like punishing myself I’ll do a glitter explosion mani using this glitter, it’s fantastic.

I’m actually really proud of myself for how I laid this pattern out. I did a base of quick-dry white, used my Kiss nail artist pen in black (that I got from my best friend for my birthday!) to do the outline of my pattern, freehand filled in each section using the big  clunky brush that comes with the polish, then outlined with my black striper. Even if I’m not happy with the final product I am really happy with the process 🙂

Please excuse the spot on my index finger; I had to disassemble some furniture and that spot just refused to wash off.

  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
  • Orly Sweet Peacock
  • Orly Luxe
  • LA Colors Live (dupe of SH Celeb City)
  • Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome
  • custom franken Galadriel
  • Love & Beauty holo glitter
  • Milani Black Sketch