The winners of the LGBT Pride/Support contest!

The LGBT Pride/Support contest for June was a huge success! I had 21 entries from bloggers and hobbiests (is that a word? It is now!) of all skill levels. It was fantastic seeing all the creativity and different inspiration that people used for the theme and picking just one winner from each category was so hard. I really wish I could have had everyone be a winner! (I’ve seen bloggers say that before but never really understood how true it was)

Sadly, I just can’t afford for everyone to be a winner! And so, after much careful deliberation I, my honey, and my mom have picked our favorites. There were two categories, Advanced (which will win a full-sized Pride) and Amateur (and I use that word very loosely! They will win a mini-sized Pride), and a lot of people who thought they were amateur actually ended up in the Advanced category! You all don’t give yourselves enough credit for your skills 🙂 Before I announce the winners please take a moment to look through all the entries though, there are lots of great blogs you should follow and some amazing inspiration 🙂

And so, without further ado, here they are!


Violet S from Girls’ Night In

Violet says “My partner and I talked last night and came up with this manicure together, which is perfect considering I wanted to create a kind of tribute to us. You see, my girlfriend is a (gorgeous, sweet, funny) trans woman, and I am a bisexual cis woman. On my left hand I did a transgendered flag design with the male, female, and trans gender symbols on my three middle fingers. My right hand shows the bisexual flag with a lambda symbol on my middle finger.”


Rose Liner of [kossori hana]

Rose says “Today, 6/23/12, is Alan Turing’s 100th birthday! I don’t normally celebrate dead people’s birthdays, but Alan Turing is one of my heroes. His work in cryptanalysis and computing is legendary. Breaking Germany’s Enigma ciphers in WWII helped the Allies win. In 1952, he was arrested and convicted of homosexuality. He was chemically castrated by the British government. In 1954, he died of cyanide poisoning – suicide is assumed, but never proven. The general public was not made aware of his amazing contributions to the world until 20 years after his death. While PM Brown apologized for his treatment in 2009, the British Government continues to refuse to issue a pardon.”

Rose blogged about this manicure here.

Lucky Duck

Since it was so hard to pick just 2 winners I decided to have a random winner from all the entries. apparently loved Violet’s entry because the first number it picked was her entry, lol, but of course she couldn’t win twice! This winner will also get a mini Pride. Here’s the Lucky Duck 🙂

Brittani Wilson of Britta Rose Nails

Some of the entrants are bloggers and blogged about their manis so check out what they have to say about their entries!

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[kossori hana]

Nail Polish Adventure

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Lena Loves Nails


NOTD: LGBT flags

Holy cow, guys. I’m a major slacker! I did this manicure like 3 days ago and forgot to post it! I hope you’ll forgive me 🙂 I’m super proud of this though and wanted to do it justice with a good post. First I want to show off the final mani 🙂

Wow, I am really impressed with myself with this one! This week’s theme is LGBT pride but I was at a loss for anything other than more rainbow designs but a friend suggested paying homage to each letter in LGBT with their flags! There’s a lot more than just “LGBT” in the non-heteronormative spectrum but I only have 5 fingers so I stuck with the biggies. From my index finger: Transgender, bisexual, rainbow (gay), and pink triangle (lesbian) flags/symbols. I should have done my pinky with the colors inverted so it was a black triangle on pink, and the triangle should have been pointing down instead of up…oops! That’s what I get for being in a hurry. Last night I took off the polish from my pinky and did a pink background with a black downward-facing triangle, I like it much more. You can learn more about each flag here.

It’s been bright and sunny here in SoCal lately so I was dying to break out my holographics! I figured that there was no better set of colors to use for this mani, especially for my ring finger’s rainbow flag–it’s a rainbow within a rainbow! And oh how they sparkle ❤

I also finished mixing my rainbow glitter, Pride, so I used my thumb to symbolize the LGBT ally flag. This is two coats of Pride over black and white stripes, I’m so happy with how it turned out 🙂 It’s been marinating for a few days now and there doesn’t seem to be any warping, bending, or bleeding either!






This entire mani was freehand!! I got some more much-needed practice, I think I’m really improving 🙂

Remember, there’s still over 2 weeks left to enter my LGBT nail art contest! There’s also 2 weeks left to order the Legend of Zelda collection, if you order the full collection you get a free full-size Pride!

  • Milani HD
  • Milani Digital
  • Milani 3D
  • Milani Hi-Tech
  • Milani Cyberspace
  • Milani Hi-Res
  • Sally Hansen White On
  • Milani Black Sketch
  • Kyoti’s Nails Pride

Nail mail!

This weekend has been great for nail mail! I got three different polish sets on Friday and Saturday 🙂

I got both the China Glaze and Kleancolor sets from Copious and I paid only a penny for China Glaze and about $1 for the Kleancolors. The Color Club Take Wing collection was a gift from my friend JohJoh, she asked me for polish suggestions and I suggested she check out the Take Wing collection, she liked it so much she got me the entire set as a thank you! 🙂 Thanks so much, JohJoh! I can’t wait to try them all ❤

The two rainbow sets (Kleancolor and Color Club) are perfect since I’ve been doing a ton of rainbow manis lately, I’m sure you’ll all be seeing swatches or nail art with these soon!

NOTD: 3 different rainbow designs!

My kitty…I love him, but sometimes he’s a little pain in the butt! Last night I was trying to paint my nails and he just wanted to cuddle, I wasn’t allowed to do anything else. Right as I was done taking pictures of my still-somewhat-moist manicure he rubbed right against my nails and smudged them all up. All the time I’d taken to let my base color dry was wasted! And look at how lovely it had been:

I actually had done a different design on my right hand (normal rainbow French tips in the same order as above with glitter over them) but he smudged those before I even had time for pictures.

I did the entire tip design for the mani that did last more than a few minutes using my dotting tools. I didn’t have time to topcoat so my ring finger is still matte, but I’m glad I didn’t waste it since I had such a lovey kitty waiting for me to be done–I would have just had cat fur all over them! So I ended up taking this off right away and going to bed with naked nails (so sad) but it did make it very easy to do an entirely different design this morning–two of them, in fact!

For my left hand I used a rainbow glitter I mixed up myself over (close to) rainbow ombre nails an I *love* it! It has a slight red jelly base and in the bottle it looks so red, but once it’s on the nail the rest of the colors really stand out. It’s not the look I’d hoped to get with the rainbow glitter but it’s very pretty! I might mix up another one for a giveaway 🙂

My right hand is my favorite look for the rainbow ombre colors I used for these 3 looks. Super simple, too! I just put black crackle over the ombre. I love them both!

  • Kleancolor Pink Sleepers
  • Wet n Wild Red
  • Sally Hansen Sun Kissed
  • Sally Hansen Green with Envy
  • Sinful Colors Savage
  • Love & Beauty Magenta
  • Kyoti’s Nails rainbow
  • Warpaint Volcano

Remember that my June LGBT Pride/Support nail art contest is still going on! I also posted to my Facebook saying that if we get 50+ entries I’ll add a third winner 🙂

NOTD: Rainbow crystals over grey ombre

I have to admit, I am very surprised at just how much I like this mani. I mean, I thought it was a neat idea but seeing it on my fingers….just wow!

I’m really loving this week’s theme, I’m such a sucker for rainbow 🙂 I’m hoping to give some people inspiration for the nail art contest I’m hosting this month. I’ve already gotten 6 entries, which you can check out on my Facebook page, and I am loving what everyone’s coming up with! Remember that there are two categories and two winners, one for amateur and one for advanced, so don’t let the other entries discourage you if you think your nail art skills aren’t as advanced as theirs! All are welcome.

I wasn’t sure at first what I wanted the base color for my rainbow crystals to be. I asked a few friends and someone suggested black–I’d been considering white before but black just sounded so much nicer. I actually decided to do an ombre gradient for this, my thumb is white and it transitions to black on the pinky. I like this idea much better than I liked the plain white background idea! I actually only had 2 shades of grey, a light and a dark, so for my middle finger I mixed a drop of dark and 2 drops of light. I think it turned out great!

I’ve also been invited to march in the San Diego Pride Parade! I really hope I’m able to do it 😀

  • Sally Hansen White On (not pictured)
  • Sally Hansen Wet Cement
  • Zoya Kelly
  • Wet n Wild Black Creme
  • nail crystals

NOTD: Rainbow accent

This week’s theme is officially rainbow! I had an idea in mind for this but it didn’t turn out how I’d liked, but I’m far too tired to attempt it again so it’ll have to wait. I’ll probably try again tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it!

I’m horrible at cutting tape evenly so I tried a new method tonight. I took a ruler and measured out how far apart I wanted each stripe (2.5mm in this case) and then using my ruler as a straightedge I cut the tape with my Xacto blade–perfectly straight, perfectly measured strips every time! Then I placed all the strips (keeping them as together as possible) on my nail, painted one color, removed the tape for the next section and very carefully painted the next color as well. By doing this I was able to still get the crisp lines of tape but I didn’t have to wait to tape off both parts, the only issue is I had to be very careful when painting the portion that was closest to my previous stripe, but that wasn’t too tough.

Just a reminder that I do have a nail art contest going on right now–make sure you check it out, I’ve already gotten 3 entries that I’ve posted to my Facebook page. I’ll be accepting entries until June 30th and I’ll have two winners, so make sure you enter and share with your friends!

  • Sally Hansen Urgent Orchid
  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
  • Revlon Watermelon Fizz
  • Revlon Pineapple Fizz
  • Color Club Fly With Me
  • Color Club Metamorphosis
  • China Glaze Blue Iguana
  • Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz

June LGBT nail art contest

Happy June, everyone!

June is LGBT pride month in the US. I identify as non-heteronormative and tend to surround myself with like-minded people, so LGBT(etc) rights are extremely important to me. I’m hoping this nail art contest can help spread the word on LGBT rights 🙂

This month I’ve decided to do my very first nail art contest!! The theme is LGBT pride/support and feel free to interpret how you see fit. Unfortunately this contest is US ONLY at this point.

I’m still trying to determine prizes, I’ll be doing a poll on my Facebook page so please vote once you see the post 🙂


  1. All entries must be emailed to and please explain how your nails were inspired by the theme.
  2. All entries must be your own work, though you can do your fingernails, toenails, or someone else’s fingernails or toenails. One entry per person/nail artist/submitter.
  3. Any entrant found to be submitting someone else’s work or submitting more than once will be disqualified.
  4. All entries must be new manicures. If you have a favorite LGBT mani you’ve done before, please recreate it instead of submitting an old picture–show your pride and support in June!
  5. All entries must have some form of nail art and can’t be full-nail nail stickers or a one-color manicure across all nails (rainbow ombre would be acceptable, for example, but all red would not be). Crystals, gradient, dotting, freehand, stamping, whatever! Get as crazy and creative as you like!
  6. There will be two winners: one for “amateur” level and one for “advanced” level art. Please indicate which level you feel you’re at in your email, though I may put you into the other category if I feel your entry fits better there. Even if you think you have no skills, please enter! Everyone can always use inspiration, especially me 🙂
  7. Entries will be judged by myself, my mom (who begged to be a judge!), and a few friends. Any bloggers who are NOT entering this contest but would like to judge, please email me! Pictures will also be posted to my Facebook for people to Like and those votes will be taken into account when judging but will not be the deciding factor.
  8. Email me with any questions and most of all, have fun! Get creative with your photos, especially! And don’t forget to watermark if you have a blog.

A few inspiration ideas

  • Rainbow, when all else fails, rainbow!
  • Trans*, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, etc flags, gradients or taped would be perfect for the flags
  • Female/female, male/male, trans*, etc symbols
  • NOH8
  • Something that reminds you of your brother/sister/mom/dad/best friend who is LGBTQ