Zelda and Prelude of Light swatches

Finally I’ve swatched the two remaining colors from the Zelda line: Zelda herself and Prelude of Light. Both of these colors have teeny tiny holographic glitter (check it out in the bottle), I can’t wait to see these in the sun tomorrow!

Both pictures are two coats over bare nail. Check out the rest of the collection here and pre-order by clicking here!

Prelude of Light



Pre-orders are LIVE!

I got an email this morning that Kickstarter denied my project 😦 Cosmetics are prohibited. BUT I found another site that’s very similar and now pre-orders of my Legend of Zelda line are OPEN! Click HERE to check it out and please consider pledging. I get funds even if I don’t meet my goal so no matter what I’ll be able to fill your order! Share with your friends, too!

Here’s the bottle shots and swatches for most of the collection 🙂

Bubble Bobble polish

For my indie polish line I’m starting up I definitely want the general theme to be “geeky”. Of course I’ve talked about my Zelda line about a million times in the past week or two, but today’s creations are just a mini collection.

These two polishes are inspired by the Nintendo game Bubble Bobble. It’s a game my brother and I played a ton growing up 🙂 Basically it’s a game where you play as adorable dragons Bub (green) and Bob (blue) and you try to rescue your kidnapped girlfriends!

I used the actual colors of Bub and Bob as inspiration. Medium dark blue and small light blue glitter for Bobblin’, medium light glitter and small yellow glitter for Bubblin’. Simple, but I love them!! Bobblin’ on the left, Bubblin’ on the right. Click for hi-res so you can see the little glitter better! 🙂

And just because I thought it looked really neat before I started mixing… (Bobblin’)

These are just prototypes but a slightly reformulated version of these will be available for pre-order once my Kickstarter is up! Keep an eye out for them 🙂

Prototypes for my new polish line

Sunday night I finished prototypes for my very first nail polish line!! This line was inspired by The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time. I am so happy with how these came out, words can’t even describe it!

First off, let’s check out the bottle shots.

I only have 10 fingers (the one time I’m sad about this fact!) so two of the colors above are missing, but here’s swatches! 2 coats on each nail. Click for hi-res!

I’m in the process of setting up a Kickstarter now. It’ll be basically for pre-pre-orders. I have no idea exactly how much interest there’s going to be and I can’t afford all the supplies up-front. If you’re interested in this collection please consider pledging and sharing with friends!! My expected date for mailing out Kickstarter rewards and pre-orders is late July/early August, but I’ll be working hard to get it out even sooner 🙂