NOTD: Matte peacock

Ok so tomorrow is officially day 1 of week 2 for my challenge and the theme is vibrant, but as I mentioned in yesterday’s post I’ve decided weekends I can do whichever theme I want. And today I wanted vibrant nails!

Today’s nails are inspired (loosely) by a peacock’s feathers. I always think of peacocks when I see purple, blue, and green together and so those are the colors I worked into this mani! My glitter (which was so hard to photograph) is blue, purple, and clear, and the color used to stamp with is a green/blue duochrome. I love how subtle the stamping is, this was my first time using this stamp and I can tell I’ll be using it again! This is also my first time doing matte over glitter and I really like how it looks. I hope you all enjoy it, too!

  • Love & Beauty purple
  • Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost
  • Prisma blue/purple glitter
  • custom franken glitter
  • Warpaint Matt-ify
  • BM-210

More nail polish jewelry

I picked up some 16mm cabochons using a $5 credit to an site similar to Etsy. I only paid a penny for 12 of cabochons 😀 However I didn’t realize that they had silver backings until after I’d purchased them. My solution? File the silver backing off using an old nail file! It worked great, it left some scratches in the plastic but once I put the first coat of polish onto it the scratches disappeared.

I’ve been wanting to do galaxy nails for a while but I haven’t had the patience. I took this as an opportunity to try out the galaxy look without having to sit and wait for my nails to dry. I’m quite pleased with how they turned out!! For anyone thinking of trying this I have one suggestion: don’t try to do the little white dots like you normally do (like on these), the dots get magnified a ton by the plastic (or glass if you’re using it) and it just looks funky. Glitter made a great first layer though!

I’m not sure which colors were used for which cabochon but here’s what’s on my workstation.

  • Love & Beauty holo glitter
  • Sally Hansen Spectrum
  • Hema 09
  • Essence Where is the Party?
  • Essence Blue Addicted
  • Sally Hansen Purple Potion
  • Prisma black jelly with silver glitter
  • e.l.f. Metal Madness

Now I just need to find some settings to put them into!

NOTD: My fourth glitter explosion combo

Ugh, I hate cleaning. The worst part isn’t even that my hands get sore or I spend so much time doing it. The worst is that even with cleaning gloves my nails still get messed up 😥 I did some major scrubbing today and yesterday’s gorgeous mani was ruined! Thankfully my glitter explosion accent nails were still in good condition (I’m going on 5 days without removing my left ring finger’s polish, this is a new record!) so I snipped the fingers off of some latex gloves, used rubber bands to keep them on my accent fingers, and removed the rest of my polish to start anew. I trimmed my non-accent nails before doing this mani so they’re a bit awkward and uneven…once my glitter explosion comes off I’ll have to even things out.

What I ended up with was better than I had imagined. Caribbean Frost is such a nice teal that matches well with my teal glitter, I’m surprised I didn’t think to use it before! I used more of my nail crystals just for fun ($5 for 1000 silver crystals in different shapes, love it!) and I’m so pleased with it.

Oh, and in case you missed my last three manicures using the glitter explosion accent, here they are! Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

  • China Glaze Dorothy Who? (2x as base for accent)
  • Prisma silver glitter
  • Prisma teal glitter
  • Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost
  • Nail crystals


NOTD: More glitter than is entirely reasonable

This should hopefully be a short post as I’m about ready to flop into bed. It’s been a very long weekend! I spent all day today looking at apartments in a city an hour from where I currently live. Thankfully my sweetheart drove but it was still pretty draining.

I made a very silly decision and decided to paint my nails at about 10PM; by 10:30 I was exhausted and wanted to fall into bed but I was nowhere near done with my nails. Thank goodness for Seche Vite or I’d be waiting like another hour before I could go to sleep D:

I really wanted to try to imitate my teal accent fingers from yesterday’s manicure but with pink glitter this time. Sadly I don’t have a dense enough pink glitter that I’d be able to do that and I’m not terribly happy with the results. Also, this is another “7 layers of glitter” mani so it’s gonna be a major pain to remove but I’ll give it a try for a day or two. And now, my bed calls to me; good night, all!

I didn’t use Tickled Pink as a base for my right pinky, I used two coats of Glass Pink instead. I think I like it more, but still not what I was going for. Anyone know of a dense pink glitter??

  • Wet n Wild Tickled Pink
  • Sinful Colors Glass Pink
  • Prisma pink glitter
  • CoverGirl Ruby Dust
  • China Glaze Dorothy Who? (2x as base for accent)
  • Prisma silver glitter
  • Prisma teal glitter

NOTD: A glitter explosion!

Mmm, glitter. So sparkly and lovely but such a pain to remove…But today I decided to do it anyway. I didn’t want to hate myself too much when the time came to remove it so I decided to just do one accent nail on each hand–both ring fingers. Sadly, only one survived, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

I got Sinful Colors Neptune about 2 weeks ago when they had a 2/$3 sale (I picked up Nirvana for my honey) and just never used it. Last night while contemplating how I wanted to redo my nails I decided I had to try Neptune–I loved the name, the color, the shimmery finish, it was an obvious choice. I also wanted to use a metric crapton of glitter because, well, I’m a glutton for punishment.

What I ended up with was about a full millimeter of polish on top of my ring finger nail!! Two coats of Dorothy Who, two coats each alternating between a silver glitter and a teal glitter, two coats normal topcoat, and one coat Seche Vite. *phew*, it took a while to do this mani. I think it was totally worth it though because the sparkle is just to amazing!

Blurry to show all the sparkle!

Showing the thickness of 10 coats of lacquer vs 4 coats--this is not a difference in angle, this is just more lacquer than is entirely reasonable ;-D

And the reason why you let your nail polish dry fully before taking pictures…Note the major smudging on my glitter nail. Even my new love Seche Vite and 10 minutes waiting didn’t survive holding my bulky fancypants camera…

  • Sinful Colors Neptune
  • China Glaze Dorothy Who? (2x as base for accent)
  • Prisma silver glitter
  • Prisma teal glitter

NOTD: Tons of sparkle!

Good news, everyone! I’ll never have to worry about picking colors for my manicures again! Now that I’ve swatched all my colors (I’ll have a whole blog post about that soon-ish!) and put them into a spreadsheet I can just use a random number generator to pick my color(s)! 😀 Now the only problem is I need help picking out what sort of nail art to do 😉

Since I skimped and didn’t use a base coat for yesterday’s Scandalous mani I got a chip late last night, just a few hours after I’d finished 😦 I expected it’d chip quickly but not quite that quickly! Oh well, it gave me an excuse to try out something new even though I’ve been lacking inspiration recently.

So I grabbed a couple numbers from a random number generator and went to work. The first color it picked was Sally Hansen’s DVD which I don’t like layered just over the nude nail so I had it pick another color from my blues. It picked a wonderful color to be paired with DVD–Wild n Crazy’s Crush on You! I normally don’t wear the same base colors or even glitters more than once a month and I just wore Crush on You two weeks ago. But I can’t argue with entropy, and the computer gods had decided. I picked out a couple other glitters to layer over it and in the end I came out with a sparkle-fest!

I’ve added in a blurry photo to try to show the sparkle but it still can’t capture some of the lovely microglitters, especially Busted! Once again I regret that I do my nails at night so often, I have to wait until tomorrow morning to see it in the sunlight 😦

  • Wild n Crazy Crush on You
  • Sally Hansen DVD
  • Prisma glitter purple/blue
  • Pure Ice Busted

NOTD: Nyan Cat toes!

I am so proud of my nails today!! I’ve seen some people doing really awesome Nyan Cat toes and I had to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve never considered myself an artistic person but this ended up being fairly easy even for me 🙂 Definitely worth trying even if you don’t think you have artistic skills.

This is by far my most complex nail art to date but I am so proud of it! Please ignore the fact that Nyan Cat looks like he’s crying, I had to touch up his face and I didn’t mix my grey properly >.>

I apologize in advance for the very dry toesies! I don’t often show off my toes so I don’t often bother moisturizing <.<

Let’s see if I remember all the colors I used…

  • Custom color Across the Galaxy
  • Prisma glitter (dupe of WnW Kaleidoscope)
  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White (to make my rainbow more bright!)
  • Claire’s rainbow set
  • NYC Bryant Park
  • Generic Target pink/red color change polish
  • Zoya Kelly mixed with Sally Hansen Wet Cement
  • Prisma red glitter
  • Wet n Wild Black Creme