NOTD: Super-glittery bi-pride

This week’s theme is bisexual pride! This is an awesome theme because I get to use three of my favorite colors: pink, purple, and blue 🙂

As those of you who follow my Facebook know I was mixing up a ton of polish from my Legend of Zelda collection (pre-sale still going on now!). I now have the finalized formulas completed 🙂 Because I was elbow-deep in glitter all evening I, being a glutton for punishment, decided I had to do glitter French tips.

This was so simple to do, also! I started with a coat of white (underwear, yay!) because I didn’t want to stain my nails using Savage like I did a few days ago. Next, two coats of each color, then a quick swipe over the whole nail of quick-dry topcoat and a quick dunk into a vial of loose coordinating glitter. Lots and lots of scraping off loose glitter that got on my skin and TA-DA! A lovely effect. I’ll be topcoating over these and I still expect half of the glitter to come off in my bed but who cares, right? If glitter comes off easy I’ll take it, lol!

This post is also part of Try It On Tuesday, my friend Jill at Jilltastic Nails is getting her blog buddies to use a polish on Tuesdays that they’ve just had sitting in their collection but never worn. Presto Pink was my Try It On color, and I think Urgent Orchid is unused, too! Check out her page, she’ll have a round-up of all the bloggers taking part in Try It On Tuesday.

As a side note, I adore Savage’s natural finish. I tried to get a picture of it but none turned out well. It’s a lovely satin-y matte, it just looks so smooth 🙂

  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
  • Sally Hansen Presto Pink
  • Sally Hansen Urgent Orchid
  • Sinful Colors Savage
  • Loose glitter from Dollar Tree

NOTD: Feelin’ Peachy

Growing up a blonde girl who loved Super Mario it was only natural that my favorite Princess was Peach (AKA Princess Toadstool). Pink has never really been my color but I didn’t care, I wanted to be Princess Peach (even though it was infinitely more fun rescuing her then I imagine it could have been to be her awaiting rescue).

Isn’t she just adorable?

I wanted to try something new this time, I didn’t want just boring old French tips. Water marble tips is something I’d never seen before so I figured out how to do it all on my own! First, check out my pretty nails, then on to the tutorial!

To get water marbled French tips it’s pretty similar to doing normal water marbling. Start by painting your base color and allowing it to fully dry. I let mine sit for a couple hours but overnight would have been best, or I could have used some of my Seche Vite. Once your nails are dry, tape them up! I used French tip guides and then covered the rest of my nails and fingers with tape. I’ve found masking tape works best for me.

Next, follow this tutorial (or your favorite water marbling tutorial) but instead of dipping one nail at a time, dip your whole hand at once. Make sure your nails go in at an angle to prevent bubbles! After that you’ll end up with something that looks a bit daunting if you haven’t taped your fingers…

Imagine if you hadn’t taped up your fingers, look at all the cleanup you’d have to do! And for me I used a dark reddish color, even the small bits that got on my skin were a pain to remove without staining! So remember, boys and girls, always thoroughly tape your fingers before water marbling.

Also, if you’re using a styrofoam container to water marble in make sure that none of your polish hits the bottom or you’ll look away for a second and turn back to see this…

Yeah, that’s all water in the center there.

Once you’ve removed your tape and done any necessary cleanup you’ll be left with something like this!

As you can see from my first mani picture above I added a little crown stamp and gold lines where my French tips met my base color. I’m super happy with this!! I think I’ll have to wear pink for the first time in months just to celebrate this mani 😉

Now excuse me while I go fire up the Nintendo and play some Mario 🙂

  • Valmy 156
  • Valmy 157
  • Sally Hansen Gold Chrome
  • BM-215

NOTD: Holo-licious Penny Polish with stamping

First off, I need to take a moment to squeal happily for the fact that I got my first holographic polish for one freakin’ penny. Ready? *Squeals so high-pitched only dogs can hear it.* Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system 😉

As I’m sure those of you who follow my twitter and Facebook know I’ve been pushing my Copious linklot lately, and for good reason. Copious is kind of like a mixture between Etsy and eBay. They give you a $5/$10 credit (depending on how big your network is but at least $5) when you sign up and I get a credit when you complete your first order after signing up through my link.

I’ve already gotten 3 nail polishes for a penny each and a really yummy-smelling handmade soap (almond mocha, yum) for about $2.50. The reason why they were a penny is that Copious requires a minimum of one cent per order, so if your order is less than your credits you only pay one cent (no hidden fees). How can you not love Penny Polish, seriously?! So do yourself (and me!) a favor and sign up! They have some Zoya, Julep, and Kleancolor right now, I might be picking up one of them soon though 😉

Enough gushing about Penny Polish, I have a manicure to talk about!

I’ve been wanting a holographic polish for a while now and I’ve looked at a few different brands and colors. I really wanted Milani Hi-Res or Cyberspace but when I saw Digital for a penny on Copious (sorry, I’m not supposed to be talking about it anymore!) I had to swipe it up before someone else did. I’m really happy with Digital, it took 3 coats for pretty thorough opacity and oh man the sparkle is amazing. Going along with this week’s theme this is a polish I’ve never used before (since it just came in the mail today!)

Here’s what 3 coats looks like; you can still baaaarely see my nail line, 4 coats would probably cover the nail line the rest of the way. I’ve read that holo polish is best with no base coat and no topcoat, so that’s what I’ve done here.

I’m doing my best to keep up with the 31-day challenge that some of my friends are doing and today is “Tribal”. I’m just not a fan of the more common tribal manicures I’ve seen so I decided to go with a tribal-style heart stamping instead.

The one little accent heart was so cute, I love manicures with just one little accent. I really wanted to get some stamping practice in so I added to it…just a little… I think in the end I overdid it a tiny bit but it’s not too overboard, I hope! My desk lamp totally washed out the silver stamping so I had to use just my room’s lamp but all of the sparkle of Digital got lost 😦 I really like the dual-heart look, though!

NOTD: Vibrant nails, finally!

Ok so this is the second manicure this week to actually follow this week’s theme, vibrant. It’s also my entry for Amandalandish’s Nail Art(ish) competition!! Wish me luck 🙂

All of the colors I used were from Holli’s package I got earlier today. I’ve been having a grumpy day and I was in desperate need of something bright and cheerful. Peachy Parfait isn’t a color I’d normally pick for myself but once I got it on I was so glad she got it for me! It was a little sheer at the first coat but with 3 coats it covered really nicely, I bet it’d look great as a glitter sandwich 🙂 Sadly my cell camera can’t photograph the color accurately. The actual color is more, well, peachy!

After I had Peachy Parfait on I thought it needed a little something more. I love accent nails and I had the gorgeously bright set of stripers so I started fiddling around with them. Purple first, ’cause, well, I love purple!

Pretty! But not bright enough!! I require more vibrancy! Pink!

Lookin’ nice! I was really happy with this look but since I’d used 2 of the 3 stripers I just had to toss the third in, too.

Mmm, yes, that makes me happy! I added a matte topcoat over it and it looked so nice. I was too tired to take pictures though, sorry!

  • Ulta Peach(y) Parfait (it’s new name, since I keep typoing Peach Parfait as Peachy Parfait!)
  • Kiss purple striper
  • Kiss pink striper
  • Kiss blue striper

NOTD: Delicate print

My sweetheart helped with today’s NOTD! This week’s theme is vibrant and I just couldn’t pick a color. The only color I kept thinking of was bright orange and I just didn’t want to use that for a full mani. They ended up choosing this one (which I got in an international swap from my good friend Amy in the Netherlands!!) that I hadn’t had the chance to use yet.

Normally I think pinks make me look kind of “mother”ish but I just loved this color in the bottle. It’s weird because my mom only ever wore light browns, never pinks, but nonetheless my brain thinks “MOMMY” when I see pink nails on myself (which I am grateful at this time to not be one). Today’s mani turned out so pretty, though! Crystal Chrome is arguably the most perfect polish to stamp with, and I got it years ago for only $1! I have a light pink Sally Hansen chrome I’ll have to try stamping with too and I’ve heard the new Quick Color pens work great.

It was fun using the stamp I chose but orienting it differently. You can see that the big flower is in different places on all nails (and isn’t on my pinky at all!), but I think I like my middle finger and ring finger most. Next time I’m going to try doing the stamp upside down. I absolutely love how the silver stamping looks over this pink, and as usual clean up after stamping was so easy! I’m always so scared to topcoat though, I tend to smear, but thankfully I waited long enough to topcoat this mani.

  • Hema 07
  • Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome
  • Konad m60

NOTD: Matte ombre

Around the Internet “ombre” has been a recent fad. Basically you take 5 shades of a color (I chose pink/red) and do the lightest on one nail, the second lightest on the next, etc until you have the darkest color on the other side of your hand. Since I got three shades of pink from a giveaway (which you nightowls might remember from last night’s post) I figured now was a great time to try it and use up some of my pinks that I for some reason have so many of!

I also wanted to do a matte-icure since it’s been a few weeks since my last one. This mani was “nice” with a glossy topcoat but I just love it with the matte topcoat!

My pinky and ring finger were so similar in color that I took that polish off and replaced it after a few hours. Check the second photo for what it looks like now; I like it much better. I think next time I might do a pastel green to pastel or dark blue ombre!

  • Valmy 156
  • Wet n Wild Tickled Pink
  • Valmy 39
  • Wet n Wild Red
  • Valmy 157
  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White (as a base for my ring finger in my updated mani)
  • Aziza nameless hot pink
  • Warpaint Mattify

NOTD: More glitter than is entirely reasonable

This should hopefully be a short post as I’m about ready to flop into bed. It’s been a very long weekend! I spent all day today looking at apartments in a city an hour from where I currently live. Thankfully my sweetheart drove but it was still pretty draining.

I made a very silly decision and decided to paint my nails at about 10PM; by 10:30 I was exhausted and wanted to fall into bed but I was nowhere near done with my nails. Thank goodness for Seche Vite or I’d be waiting like another hour before I could go to sleep D:

I really wanted to try to imitate my teal accent fingers from yesterday’s manicure but with pink glitter this time. Sadly I don’t have a dense enough pink glitter that I’d be able to do that and I’m not terribly happy with the results. Also, this is another “7 layers of glitter” mani so it’s gonna be a major pain to remove but I’ll give it a try for a day or two. And now, my bed calls to me; good night, all!

I didn’t use Tickled Pink as a base for my right pinky, I used two coats of Glass Pink instead. I think I like it more, but still not what I was going for. Anyone know of a dense pink glitter??

  • Wet n Wild Tickled Pink
  • Sinful Colors Glass Pink
  • Prisma pink glitter
  • CoverGirl Ruby Dust
  • China Glaze Dorothy Who? (2x as base for accent)
  • Prisma silver glitter
  • Prisma teal glitter