NOTD: Global Reddit Meetup Day!

As many of you know, since there’s where you first found my blog, I love reddit! For those of you who don’t know, reddit is a social media site where people can upload pictures, new articles, ask the community for help and input, whatever! There’s even a community (called a subreddit) dedicated just to nail polish stuff 😀 

Saturday is a global meetup day for reddit, a day when all across the world a bunch of redditors all gather to hang out. I decided I had to do something special for the occasion, so I did some reddit imagery. When you like something on reddit you give it an upvote so it gets more visibility, and when you don’t like something you downvote it. Two fingers on my hand correlate pretty well with the upvote and downvote system…Well, I’ll just let you see for yourself 😉

Reddit’s mascot, Snoo


Upvote, close-up


  • Milani Cyberspace
  • OPI DS Magic
  • Color Club Sparkle and Soar
  • Milani Black Sketch
  • Sally Hansen White On
  • nail crystals

NOTD: Monarch nails

Last night I posted to my Facebook asking for color ideas and Jilltastic suggested I use orange. I almost never wear orange but I was so sick of removing glitter polish, I wanted something easier to remove when the time came 😉 I have this sort of ugly orange foil-y franken I mixed up that I try to use up whenever I get the chance so I did a coat of that for my base. It’s a great one-coater, if nothing else, and a wonderful base for other orange colors. Then I got the brilliant idea to try monarch/butterfly nails! This is my first attempt at this so it could use some work, but overall I’m really happy with it.

Since I hate the finish so much (but can’t bear to dump it out) I did two different sheer oranges over it– and Sparkle and Soar. It’s a bit difficult to see the difference in the colors but inside the curve at the base of my nail is just my ugly franken and, the rest of the nail is those colors plus Sparkle and Soar over it. I absolutely adore Sparkle and Soar, I’ll have to dedicate a manicure just to it soon 🙂


I’m surprised at how much freehand art I’ve been doing lately–it’s great practice for my freehand art week I have coming up!

  • Kyoti’s Nails Dreamsicle
  • Wet n Wild
  • Color Club Sparkle and Soar
  • Milani Black Sketch
  • Sally Hansen White On

NOTD: Ready for a hoof-wrassle

I was lucky enough to win Rainbow Honey’s recent giveaway (and so did my sweetheart!! I love having a lacquer-loving sweetheart) for the Equestria collection inspired by My Little Pony. My sweetie got Hoof-wrassle (inspired by Applejack) in the mail on Saturday and I stole it right away! Of course, my first manicure with it had to be Applejack-inspired. First off, let’s check out some gorgeous bottle shots. This is my first indie polish so I’m really excited!! And the packaging was just so cute!

I used my own custom franken as a base, a gorgeous quick-dry one coater I’ve now dubbed “Dreamsicle”. It has a slightly foil-y finish and a deep, creamy orange base. I didn’t want to waste a drop of Hoof-wrassle if I didn’t have to!

Next up, two coats of Hoof-wrassle. I could have gotten away with just one coat, the glitter was so dense, but two really brings out all the gorgeous glitter.

At this point, I thought it looked very cute! But it didn’t do Applejack justice. It needed more. It needed…her cutie mark!

Ah, Applejack would be proud! My sweetie won this one and I won the polish inspired by Fluttershy, I was supposed to be seeing Mom so I had it sent to her but I haven’t had the chance to get it from her yet. Hopefully this weekend! And of course, I’ll be doing a Fluttershy manicure with it 🙂 Rainbow Honey is doing pre-orders of her Equestria line, you should definitely check it out! If I could afford it I would buy the entire line!! Here’s hoping they’re still being made when I have money to spend on indie polish 🙂

  • Custom franken Dreamsicle
  • Rainbow Honey Hoof-wrassle
  • Wet n Wild red
  • Playboy green

NOTD: Vibrant nails, finally!

Ok so this is the second manicure this week to actually follow this week’s theme, vibrant. It’s also my entry for Amandalandish’s Nail Art(ish) competition!! Wish me luck 🙂

All of the colors I used were from Holli’s package I got earlier today. I’ve been having a grumpy day and I was in desperate need of something bright and cheerful. Peachy Parfait isn’t a color I’d normally pick for myself but once I got it on I was so glad she got it for me! It was a little sheer at the first coat but with 3 coats it covered really nicely, I bet it’d look great as a glitter sandwich 🙂 Sadly my cell camera can’t photograph the color accurately. The actual color is more, well, peachy!

After I had Peachy Parfait on I thought it needed a little something more. I love accent nails and I had the gorgeously bright set of stripers so I started fiddling around with them. Purple first, ’cause, well, I love purple!

Pretty! But not bright enough!! I require more vibrancy! Pink!

Lookin’ nice! I was really happy with this look but since I’d used 2 of the 3 stripers I just had to toss the third in, too.

Mmm, yes, that makes me happy! I added a matte topcoat over it and it looked so nice. I was too tired to take pictures though, sorry!

  • Ulta Peach(y) Parfait (it’s new name, since I keep typoing Peach Parfait as Peachy Parfait!)
  • Kiss purple striper
  • Kiss pink striper
  • Kiss blue striper

NOTD: Updated Girl on Fire, with much better fire!

So last night’s Girl on Fire mani still didn’t grow on me last night. I decided I had to try again or I’d end up removing my whole mani. Ommorphia Beauty did an amazing review of the Hunger Games collection here and her Girl on Fire manicure (read to the end of the linked post! It’s worth the read if you have time) inspired my update today. Seriously, I was simply stunned by this manicure and I’ve been itching to try it myself since my flop last night. I wasn’t sure exactly how she did it so I improvised with a bit of an experiment. Thankfully, my experiment was a huge success!

I begrudgingly scrubbed off both accent nails and redid my Stone Cold base. I applied a normal quick-dry topcoat to protect Stone Cold from my nail art I was about to do and so I could more easily remove my art if it flopped again. Thankfully I didn’t need to remove anything but I think the quick-dry topcoat really helped protect Stone Cold with the needle marbling.

My experiment was this: Since there’s no way Stone Cold will stay wet enough to needle marble, can I needle marble with normal topcoat? Based on this experiment, the answer is  resounding “yes”! I don’t have Riveting from the Hunger Games collection (yet!) so I used Wet n Wild for my fire. I love how it turned out, though. If you’ve never done needle marbling you should give it a try, it’s much easier than I had expected it to be. The one thing that stinks is that you can’t use quick-dry polishes for this which rules out some of my favorite colors (like Sally Hansen Wined Up) but it’s a small price to pay for such awesome results.

Start by doing your base color (Stone Cold in this instance) and, if you want, a quick-dry topcoat to protect your base. Next, apply a thick coat (thicker than you’d ever normally do on your nail, but still not too thick or it’ll never dry) of your main color then, working quickly, apply some of your accent color where you want it. For this manicure I only wanted it at the tips. Make sure it’s thick enough to show over your base, I had to do a few extra dots for such a sheer color over the dark grey to show up properly. While everything’s still wet drag your needle through both colors to create a design, either random or like mine into a flame design. Don’t touch these nails for a while!! Sit back, relax, watch some TV and don’t use your hands. Let your thick coats dry thoroughly before topcoating (I like to wait a full hour or so. Well, “like” isn’t the right word, but you get my meaning ;-D). Topcoat and bask in the compliments!!

These pictures are before my matte topcoat (because I was impatient with the drying and had to write up this post. Thank you for putting up with all my rambling, on to the pictures 😉

Ring finger accent

Thumb accent

  • China Glaze Stone Cold
  • LA Colors topcoat (fairly slow-drying)
  • Wet n Wild
  • Matte topcoat