NOTD: Simple purple pedi

I wanted a really simple pedicure yesterday. I needed something on my toes before I went out to run errands and have dinner with the in-laws and Rea was just sitting there, quietly, knowing it’s been far too long since I used her. She didn’t hold anything against me though, she knows she’s one of my favorites and that I’ll always keep coming back to her ๐Ÿ˜‰

I slapped on a couple quick coats of Rea but I knew she needed something more. Nail stickers!! I haven’t used them in a while and I didn’t have time to do anything freehand. I think they’re just what this pedi needed, don’t you? And don’t these shoes just show off my toesย perfectly? I got them a couple weeks ago and wear them every chance I get!

  • Zoya Rea
  • Broadway nail stickers

NOTD: Crackle? I think not!

A few days ago I came across this blog postย by The Polished Mommy, if you scroll about halfway down the page she shows the crackle color (Latticed Lilac)ย uncrackled! I was amazed, I had no idea you could wear crackle polishes uncrackled. The trick is to not useย anyย sort of base. No base coat, no base color, nothing. It’s the crackle interacting with the polish beneath it that causes it to separate.

I have Latticed Lilac and I loved it as a crackle but I just had to try it as a base color. I didn’t scrub off all my previous base coat on my thumb so I had a small spot that crackled (note to self: try doing partially crackled designs! Stamping + crackle maybe?) which looked sort of weird so I didn’t do a thumb shot. This ended up with a matte finish so I added a glossy topcoat over it and it looked stunning–the lady at the leasing office for my apartment complemented me on the color ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I know this week is supposed to be vibrant but I was dying to try the uncrackled magic, I tried to jazz this up a bit with some vibrant flower stickers. Sadly this mani only lasted a few short hours, I think it’s because I didn’t have a base coat. About 3 hours after finishing my thumb started chipping ๐Ÿ˜ฆ You can see some spots (such as down the middle of my index finger) where it crackled just a little bit. It wasn’t noticeable enough for me to abandon the experiment. I did 3 coats to get it fully opaque as the crackle by itself is a bit see-through.

  • No base color or base coat, only bare nail
  • China Glaze Latticed Lilac
  • Broadway Nails stickers

NOTD: Pretty in pink!

Ok…I realize this is my third NOTD post today…I promise I won’t paint them again tonight! >.> Especially since I’m so happy with how this turned out.

This is the first time I’ve used Sinful Colors Folly–the bright pink–since I got it and I am so sad I waited so long! This is only one coat, too, I absolutely love one-coaters ๐Ÿ˜€

I used this tutorial for the needle marbling on my ring finger, I couldn’t get quite a thick enough coat with my white, next time I’ll use a thicker formula. It didn’t help that my bottle was almost empty so it took a bit of time to get a thick enough coat, but I just touched up a bare spot using my dotting tool after I was done marbling.

I decided to do something different with my thumb, I did a base coat of Nerd’s Watermelon scented polish (from a cute little gift set, such a teensy bottle!) and then did a coat of this generic “color-change” pink->red polish from Target. By “color-change” they just mean it turns darker when it dries, lol. Oh well, for a dollar it’s worth it and it’s a nice glitter. I stuck on one of my much-loved Broadway Nails stickers and TA-DA! A lovely manicure, if I do say so myself :3

  • Sinful Colors Folly
  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
  • Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl
  • Nerds Watermelon
  • Generic pink/red color change
  • Broadway Nails nail stickers

NOTD: Creamy green and teal

I actually finished this mani late last night but I was too tired to post it…it’s already almost time to change up my mani ๐Ÿ˜‰

A couple weeks ago Love for Lacquer held a flash giveaway on her Facebook page for an Anise nail polish–the first people to send her an email listing the colors in Anise’s new collection got their choice of color! I’d just woken up but I immediately opened up Google to find a site listing the collection’s names thinking it had already been too long (I think it was 5 or 10 minutes after it had been posted) but figuring it didn’t hurt to try. I was so happy when I heard that I was one of the first to email her and I got to choose a color!

I narrowed my preferences down to Grape Escape and Urban Jungle. I love purples, but I have so many and I didn’t have a teal yet so I decided on Urban Jungle. I anxiously awaited my nail mail and it came yesterday! I immediately swatched it onto my nail wheel and put it into my collection spreadsheet when I happened to notice that Urban Jungle and Orly’s Lucky Duck (which I haven’t used on my own nails since I got it in December) would match so nicely together, I knew I had to pair them for my next manicure. I’m still trying to work through all my nail stickers and use some up so I decided on a floral design. Lucky Duck is a bit hard to see over Urban Jungle but I love how Lucky Duck and Urban Jungle look next to each other on my nails, I’ll have to try this idea again sometime!

  • Orly Lucky Duck
  • Anise Urban Jungle
  • Kiss nail stickers

NOTD: Scandalous with tons of nail stickers

So as you may have seen in my earlier post I got nail mail today! I’d been planning manicures since I found out I won the Nails Adored giveaway and I knew I had to try Scandalous first. I’ve also been meaning to use up some of my nail crystals and nail stickers I bought recently so I figured I’d just sort of throw everything I had into this mani…. I may have overdone it just a smidge ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh well, I don’t care if I’ve overdone it, I’m really happy with how this turned out! I can’t wait to see how Scandalous looks in the sunlight tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanted to avoid using more of this gorgeous color than I needed to so I put a single base coat of black on most of my nails, then did accents with purple to lighten how Scandalous would look once it was painted on.

  • Wet n Wild Black Creme
  • e.l.f. Royal Purple
  • Revlon Scandalous
  • Kiss nail stickers
  • Various nail gems

NOTD: Metallic rainbow

I’m a huge sucker for rainbows. I probably do at least one rainbow manicure a month!

And I just love these Sally Hansen Color Quick pens. They dry 100% in about 5 minutes, it takes about 3 coats for the best look and you still get some semi-bare spots (as you can see on my right thumb; you can’t see it as noticeably straight-on though) but for the time it takes to do a whole mani it’s so worth it! This whole mani probably took about half an hour, then maybe another 5 minutes to get those darn nail stickers on (those suckers are hard to get off without tearing sometimes). All in all, less than an hour for the whole look!!

Sorry for the awkward hand poses, it was the best way to see the nail stickers.

  • Sally Hansen Fuschia Chrome
  • Sally Hansen Gold Chrome
  • Sally Hansen Green Chrome
  • Sally Hansen Turquoise Chrome
  • Sally Hansen Purple Chrome
  • Broadway nails floral stickers