NOTD: I’ve been a busy blogger!

Ok, so I haven’t gotten to post a few things recently because stuff has been super crazy. Working non-stop on my rainbow skirt, learning to ride a motorcycle, and getting all the orders out from the Legend of Zelda collection. I actually went 3 or 4 days this week with totally naked nails–not even a basecoat! I was almost ashamed when I went out of the house, I tried to keep my nails out of sight, lol.

But now most of the craziness is over and hopefully I’ll be able to return to my usual posting schedule of 3 or 4 times a week 🙂 So let’s do a recap of what’s happened over the past week or so, shall we?

First, I got my prize from a flash giveaway Set in Lacquer held on Facebook as well as a few other goodies I picked up at Sally’s and from Copious.

Sally Hansen Preps’ Cool; OPI Lil’ Shooters minis; Orly Out of this World; China Glaze Smoke & Ashes; Orly Mysterious Curse (Royal Velvet re-release); nail crystals

Last week’s theme for my personal nail art challenge was Trans* pride but I didn’t get to devote nearly enough effort into it so I’ll be doing a couple more trans* pride manis soon. This was my first attempt at “Spun sugar” nails and I’m fairly pleased with it!

Finally, the Frankenbug bit me and I just had to mix up a neon green glittery polish. I added some of my loose glitter to it and came up with this, which I’m pretty pleased with! I wore it over Sally Girl Lime because I knew I couldn’t stand to remove 3 layers of glitter polish 😉 I added the random stamp as I just had a plate swap with a friend and I thought this one was kinda funky!

  • Revlon Impulsive
  • Valmy 155
  • Valmy 156
  • Sally Hansen White On
  • Sally Girl Lime
  • Kyoti’s Nails unnamed green glitter
  • Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome

Nail mail!

This weekend has been great for nail mail! I got three different polish sets on Friday and Saturday 🙂

I got both the China Glaze and Kleancolor sets from Copious and I paid only a penny for China Glaze and about $1 for the Kleancolors. The Color Club Take Wing collection was a gift from my friend JohJoh, she asked me for polish suggestions and I suggested she check out the Take Wing collection, she liked it so much she got me the entire set as a thank you! 🙂 Thanks so much, JohJoh! I can’t wait to try them all ❤

The two rainbow sets (Kleancolor and Color Club) are perfect since I’ve been doing a ton of rainbow manis lately, I’m sure you’ll all be seeing swatches or nail art with these soon!

I love my friends!

Oh. Em. Gee! I truly have the best friends!

I met my friend Holli through a mutual friend (they were dating at the time). When they took a break I lost contact with Holli for a couple months, but now her and her ex are on better terms and I’ve gotten to talk to her more! She’s awesome, very sweet and loving, creative, and oh so pretty! And she totally supports my polish addiction 😉 And she and I realized a few weeks ago that we have matching rings that we both wear on our thumbs (I wear mine on my right, she wears hers on her left).

She told me a couple weeks ago that she wanted to send me a package, “just because” (which is my very favorite reason), but then she totally toyed with my heart and I forgot about it for a while. In her defense, one of the things she sent me had to be ordered so it wasn’t intentional 😉 Today I open my mailbox and see a package waiting for me. I check the return address as I wasn’t expecting any packages so big. This is how it went: “Hm, [Holli’s last name]? Who’s tha–OOH!” followed by frantically ripping the package open and inspecting the contents.

Can I just say, on the record, that this girl absolutely knows my tastes! I’ve really been itching for some new colors since April and May are both no-buy months (darn bills!) but this totally satisfied my addiction. A few months ago she had gotten me in a random lip balm swap (more exciting than it sounds, trust me!) and she sent me some EOS balm in Summer Fruit and I simply fell in love! This time she included another amazing balm from EOS, this time in Honeysuckle Honeydew. And the Magnetix (my first!) polish she got me is purple, my favorite color. And she got me my first two Ulta polishes! Seriously, this girl knows me so well I’m starting to worry she planted microphones in my apartment ;-D Oh, and she included the cutest handmade card 🙂 Let’s check out this amazing stuff!

Love you, Holli! ❤

  • Ulta Jaded
  • Ulta Peach Parfait
  • China Glaze Drawn to You
  • Kiss purple/pink/blue striper set
  • EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew balm

Epic giveaway/freebie/nail mail

I love entering giveaways. Honestly I probably entered about 60 giveaways in the past month and I’ve been lucky enough to win a few!! I got all these in the mail within a span of 2 or 3 days–it was awesome seeing packages for me every day! Some freebies, some giveaways. Let’s check out my goodies, shall we?

First off, Fashion Footing had a giveaway on her Facebook page for the Burt’s Bees güd lotion in Orange Petalooza. It smells so citrusy and fresh, it reminds me of fresh orange juice and it leaves my skin so hydrated and smooth! Here’s a tip on applying lotion to your hands: put a small dollop on the back of your hand, rub the backs of your hands together to distribute the lotion, and when it’s almost completely absorbed then you can use the palms to rub it in the rest of the way. No more greasy lotion hands! Funny enough I actually got a sample of güd in the mail the same day that I’d ordered from Burt’s Bees in Floral Cherrynova. I can hardly decide which scent I like more!

The very next day I got a free Burt’s Bees lip balm which some of you may remember from my post a few weeks ago. I also got two pairs of tights which The DIY Lady had posted about on her blog–$10 off any purchase so as long as you kept it under $10 you got it free! And no shipping charge, either. I’d been told by Silkies (the company who sold them) that all $0 orders would be cancelled but a few weeks later I got the shipping notification and not long after these showed up! Such a nice surprise when I’d given up hope that I’d get it 🙂 And boy do they make my butt look good 😉

Next up is my winnings from two giveaways: You Had Me at Makeup had a giveaway on her Facebook page for a mini lotion (which is the perfect size for my purse) and Julep Selena–this is my very first Julep!!! And I already know exactly what I’ll be doing with it: Camouflage! I’ll be pairing this with China Glaze Westside Warrior (assuming my sweetheart lets me borrow it!) and my nameless Playboy which I’ve dubbed “Mocha” that I used on my stoat paw pedicure. I might try adding a drop of black to it to make it a bit darker, then probably adding a matte topcoat to it.

Maquiclub Girl (Spanish but if you have Chrome it will translate) had an epic giveaway!! I’ve never heard of Valmy brand but I used three of them in my manicure tonight (my NOTD post will have to wait until I’ve had some sleep, it’s 1AM!) and they are just lovely! I especially like the blue and silver glitter on the far right. One of these is a bleaching-type polish which hopefully will help with the slight yellowing I’ve gotten from lower-end polishes. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

Finally, I got some Foot Petals (inserts to put beneath the balls of your feet which make uncomfy shoes oh-so-comfy!) from Tall Girl in Heels’ Facebook page, sponsored by her friend Fiona. I’m not sure if Fiona has a blog, if I find it I’ll update with her blog link.

Once again a very big THANK YOU to all the wonderful ladies who held these giveaways! Now it’s time for me to fall into bed. Good night, everyone!

This week’s nail mail!

It’s been a good week for nail mail! I got stuff from an online swap and from a swap I did with my friend from the Netherlands.

My first package I got on Tuesday and it was from the online swap. I got the cutest Love & Beauty set (from Forever 21), the glitters especially are gorgeous! I used the holo glitter (second from left) on my galaxy jewelry I made yesterday. These colors didn’t have any official names.

The next day I got the package from my friend in the Netherlands. She absolutely knows my style, these are all such lovely shades. I used a couple of these in my galaxy jewelry from yesterday, too. She even included a card that says “Love” in Dutch! :3 The colors are Hema 79, 07, 08, 09, 10, Essence Where is the Party? and Blue Addicted.

I don’t know which of these colors to try first!!

Sally Girl Giveaway Prize

As some of you may remember I entered Sally Girl’s spring giveaway on their Facebook page a few weeks ago using the following image.

Sally Girl had 5 winners for this giveaway and I was one of the lucky few! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me! I got my package in the mail today and I can hardly wait to try them all out. They have such cute names, too–Cherry, Orange, Banana, Lime, Coconut (my favorite) and Grape.

If you like any of these colors my local Sally’s store has them right on their front register, I think they’re 99 cents a piece for these cute little bottles. I’ve been meaning to do a proper review of a color, any color, just for fun…maybe these will be my first group to review 🙂