Blog Sale!

I just set up a Blog Sale page! I’ve got tons of stuff! Zoya, Deborah Lippmann, NYC, Sally Hansen, some brand new, some used for frankens, and heck I even have a FREE one if you buy 2 polishes! Bills are due soon and money’s tight, it’s really tough to have a polish addiction when you don’t have reliable income >.> So if you would all be so kind as to check it out and share with your lacquer-loving friends I’d be very grateful! If you ever want to check it out it’ll be on my sidebar πŸ™‚ Check out some of the things I have for sale!


Heaven in a 5′ square

Ok….I admit, the main reason I rearranged my room is so that I could have a dedicated manicure station. I used to have my computer on a nice glass desk and I’d use part of it to do my nails on. Doing my nails on glass was SO convenient for cleaning up spilled polish remover or bits of polish that got flicked onto the surface but it was a really uncomfortable desk overall. My computer area was so smooshed together I had little room.

I’ve had thisΒ awesomeΒ desk/bookcase combo and the matching mini bookcase from IKEA for months as my craft desk but it was mostly used to store my junk until I put it away. With two big desks and a queen sized bed in my room it was pretty darn cramped!! Over the course of a few days I went through everything in my bins and whittled everything down to just a few smaller bins. My one big craft bin with all my embroidery, jewelry-making, and papercrafting supplies fits in my closet now. And now I have all my favorite things within reach! Computer, crafts, and polish; I am a happy girl.

Craft stuff, computer, plushies, and my nail station! It's like heaven in a 5' square πŸ˜‰

Where the magic happens!

I have all my nail supplies (acetone, cotton balls, tape, etc) in the large bin on the left of the bookcase (and the colors I need to swap/sell on top of it) and then all my nail art supplies in the small drawers right on top of my station. A lamp that’s the perfect height, fan to help with drying, and a little grey bin to keep my current polishes in. And of course, my entire polish collection within arm’s reach.


Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know about a few updates to the site.

First off, I bought my domain name!! You can now go to and it will redirect you to my blog. I’m trying to figure out a way to host my site that doesn’t involve money, lol, but no luck yet.

I’ve also given in and started using Pinterest (follow me here! So far I only have nail inspiration) so you’ll start seeing some watermarks on my pictures. I’m going to try to make them as subtle and non-disrupting as possible though, I just want to make sure no one claims my work as their own πŸ™‚

Finally, I’ve added a new page to the sidebar. It’s My Collection! In includes a link to my stash spreadsheet and a picture of my collection (on my handmade rack which I am so proud of!). I do have items available for sale/swap and I’m open to offers even on items that aren’t listed as available for swap. Leave a comment here or on the My Collection page if you’re interested (or if you see me using a color in any of my NOTD posts feel free to post a comment there).

Check out my collection!

Finally, my polishes have all been swatched!

It’s taken some time but I’ve finally swatched all 160 (and growing…) nail polishes! And in fact in the two days it’s taken me to go from taking this picture to writing up this post I’ve added another couple colors to my collection πŸ˜‰ I swear, it just jumped into my basket and I had to take it home!! How could I not adopt the cute little things–including China Glaze’s Electrify from the Hunger Games collection! Stay tuned for my first mani using it!

Indulging my recent obsession…

So as many of my Facebook, reddit, and IRC friends know, I’ve recently become obsessed with nail polish. I unofficially have over 100 polishes now! I say “unofficially” because I refuse to count them at this point, because to count them means to know definitively that I have over 100 nail polishes which would simply serve to prove that I have a problem.

Well, I’ve started a blog for my obsession, so I think it’s safe to say that I have a problem! Ok, fine, excuse my while I go count my nail polishes. You stay there, I’ll be right back. Promise!

Ok, I’m back! I counted. I have 128 different nail polishes. As of today. I am expecting more soon πŸ˜€ Let’s check out the breakdown.

  • 7 quick-dry nail pens
  • 15 blacks, greys, whites, and metals (gold and silver)
  • 7 nail art polishes
  • 9 pinks
  • 7 reds
  • 1 orange
  • 7 greens
  • 10 blues (1 which I made myself)
  • 9 purples (2 which I made myself)
  • 3 neutral/browns
  • 8 duochromes
  • 2 full rainbow sets (one set of 6, one set of 8)
  • 18 glitter/flakie polishes
  • 1 glow in the dark
  • 1 crackle
  • 2 different topcoats
  • 1 matte finish topcoat
  • 1 basecoat
  • a set of 7 (so far) colors I’ve mixed up myself inspired by the Lord of the Rings
  • a nail polish rack I designed and built entirely on my own
  • and 10 colors I didn’t count because I’m trying to swap them with people to get new colors

*Gets up on a pedestal* Hi, I’m Kyoti, and I’m a polish addict! And proud of it!!! πŸ™‚ And welcome to my world.

My far!