NOTD: Cross one lemming off the list! (Plus review)

Guys. Guys! Have you heard about ManGlaze? They have some amazing colors (and the most hilarious names). They specialize in matte polish and have names like “Fuggen Ugly”, “Lesbihonest” (which has a very nice drawing of two cute ladies on it!), and one of my favorites: “Santorum”. For those of you who don’t know what “Santorum” means other than Rick Santorum…you might not want to look it up! For those of you who do know what it means, [insert giggling like a 12 year old here] 😉

I’ve been lemming after Santorum since I first saw it at the Trace Face Philes but I couldn’t justify dropping $13+ dollars on one polish. But hear this, my friends: my patience has paid off! ManGlaze had a flash giveaway on their Facebook page recently and me and another lady guessed the secret phrase within 20 seconds of one another (she got to it juuust a bit quicker than I did). ManGlaze was awesome enough to name both of us as winners! First off, let’s check out the awesome goodies they threw in. Post-Its, sticker, really shiny business cards, and a very cool guitar pick charm (which is going straight onto my keyring).

Close up of my favorites, the polish (of course) and the charm

Right now I really wish I had Illamasqua’s Load, a drippy tip design with Santorum as a base would be pretty amazing(ly icky). Ah well, Santorum is still gorgeous on its own!

Santorum is a really nice dark brown with dark red/brown microglitter and a bit of rainbow-y microglitter. This was almost a one-coater, some bits were still a little bare after the first coat so I put on a second coat just to be safe. As you would expect with a matte, it dried really quickly. I was able to safely run my finger across the surface of the nail about 3 minutes after painting them and I didn’t get a single smudge. The formula seems really good–nice, thick polish and a great brush. It’s Big 3-Free, too! I wasn’t able to find if it’s vegan friendly, though, I’m really hoping it is. You can pick it up on Amazon. They sell some polishes on their website but I wasn’t able to find Santorum. Definitely worth looking into if you’re into more indie brands!

Glossy tips over matte with glossy accent

I, for one, am voting (ManGlaze) Santorum.

  • ManGlaze Santorum

NOTD: Matte franken triple moon

I’m only sort of breaking the rules today! My theme this week is “a polish I’ve never used” and the only polish I used in this mani which I hadn’t used before was just for the accent. I really like the other color I used here though and I’ve only worn it once so…it almost counts! For the base I used one of my favorite frankens (ok…they’re all my favorite!) that I call Nazgûl.

This was a really easy look to achieve. Using a dotting tool I did the basic shape of the triple moon (which symbolizes the stages of life), then (still using my dotting tool) I covered up the mistakes with black polish (for opacity), and finally covered the black polish with Nazgûl to blend it all together. It’s late and I was impatient so it’s not my best art but I’m pretty fond of it 🙂

Nazgûl (in my humble opinion) looks best with a matte finish. Here’s a comparison.

Without matte topcoat

After matte topcoat. Poor sad smudge 😦

  • Custom franken Nazgûl
  • Sally Hansen Silver Sweep
  • Wet n Wild Black Creme

NOTD: Camo

This week’s theme is “A polish I’ve never used”. I’ve been waiting to try Selena because I had a specific idea in mind (that included two more polishes I’ve never used, perfect for this week’s theme!) and I must say I’m pretty darn happy with it. I have to admit, Selena looks…a little bit like baby poo. But it looks great for nail art, and I think this camo manicure is the perfect application.

Adding the matte topcoat to this design is what really makes this manicure. Glossy looks neat, sure, but matte just brings it to a whole new level. I’m not 100% happy with it but overall I think it turned out great for a first attempt!


Matte topcoat

  • Julep Selena
  • China Glaze Westside Warrior
  • Sinful Colors Nirvana

NOTD: Matte peacock

Ok so tomorrow is officially day 1 of week 2 for my challenge and the theme is vibrant, but as I mentioned in yesterday’s post I’ve decided weekends I can do whichever theme I want. And today I wanted vibrant nails!

Today’s nails are inspired (loosely) by a peacock’s feathers. I always think of peacocks when I see purple, blue, and green together and so those are the colors I worked into this mani! My glitter (which was so hard to photograph) is blue, purple, and clear, and the color used to stamp with is a green/blue duochrome. I love how subtle the stamping is, this was my first time using this stamp and I can tell I’ll be using it again! This is also my first time doing matte over glitter and I really like how it looks. I hope you all enjoy it, too!

  • Love & Beauty purple
  • Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost
  • Prisma blue/purple glitter
  • custom franken glitter
  • Warpaint Matt-ify
  • BM-210

NOTD: Matte ombre

Around the Internet “ombre” has been a recent fad. Basically you take 5 shades of a color (I chose pink/red) and do the lightest on one nail, the second lightest on the next, etc until you have the darkest color on the other side of your hand. Since I got three shades of pink from a giveaway (which you nightowls might remember from last night’s post) I figured now was a great time to try it and use up some of my pinks that I for some reason have so many of!

I also wanted to do a matte-icure since it’s been a few weeks since my last one. This mani was “nice” with a glossy topcoat but I just love it with the matte topcoat!

My pinky and ring finger were so similar in color that I took that polish off and replaced it after a few hours. Check the second photo for what it looks like now; I like it much better. I think next time I might do a pastel green to pastel or dark blue ombre!

  • Valmy 156
  • Wet n Wild Tickled Pink
  • Valmy 39
  • Wet n Wild Red
  • Valmy 157
  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White (as a base for my ring finger in my updated mani)
  • Aziza nameless hot pink
  • Warpaint Mattify

NOTD: Updated Girl on Fire, with much better fire!

So last night’s Girl on Fire mani still didn’t grow on me last night. I decided I had to try again or I’d end up removing my whole mani. Ommorphia Beauty did an amazing review of the Hunger Games collection here and her Girl on Fire manicure (read to the end of the linked post! It’s worth the read if you have time) inspired my update today. Seriously, I was simply stunned by this manicure and I’ve been itching to try it myself since my flop last night. I wasn’t sure exactly how she did it so I improvised with a bit of an experiment. Thankfully, my experiment was a huge success!

I begrudgingly scrubbed off both accent nails and redid my Stone Cold base. I applied a normal quick-dry topcoat to protect Stone Cold from my nail art I was about to do and so I could more easily remove my art if it flopped again. Thankfully I didn’t need to remove anything but I think the quick-dry topcoat really helped protect Stone Cold with the needle marbling.

My experiment was this: Since there’s no way Stone Cold will stay wet enough to needle marble, can I needle marble with normal topcoat? Based on this experiment, the answer is  resounding “yes”! I don’t have Riveting from the Hunger Games collection (yet!) so I used Wet n Wild for my fire. I love how it turned out, though. If you’ve never done needle marbling you should give it a try, it’s much easier than I had expected it to be. The one thing that stinks is that you can’t use quick-dry polishes for this which rules out some of my favorite colors (like Sally Hansen Wined Up) but it’s a small price to pay for such awesome results.

Start by doing your base color (Stone Cold in this instance) and, if you want, a quick-dry topcoat to protect your base. Next, apply a thick coat (thicker than you’d ever normally do on your nail, but still not too thick or it’ll never dry) of your main color then, working quickly, apply some of your accent color where you want it. For this manicure I only wanted it at the tips. Make sure it’s thick enough to show over your base, I had to do a few extra dots for such a sheer color over the dark grey to show up properly. While everything’s still wet drag your needle through both colors to create a design, either random or like mine into a flame design. Don’t touch these nails for a while!! Sit back, relax, watch some TV and don’t use your hands. Let your thick coats dry thoroughly before topcoating (I like to wait a full hour or so. Well, “like” isn’t the right word, but you get my meaning ;-D). Topcoat and bask in the compliments!!

These pictures are before my matte topcoat (because I was impatient with the drying and had to write up this post. Thank you for putting up with all my rambling, on to the pictures 😉

Ring finger accent

Thumb accent

  • China Glaze Stone Cold
  • LA Colors topcoat (fairly slow-drying)
  • Wet n Wild
  • Matte topcoat