More polish jewelry!

Ok, I really like polish jewelry–have you figured that out yet?? It’s so much fun!

I got a few clear gems from my mom last time I saw her and I knew I had to try to make polish jewelry with them. But I wanted to try something new! All the polish jewelry I’ve made before has just been simply painting on different polishes for a layered look. This time…I did water marble! Sorry some of the pictures turned out so horrible, cell phone plus shiny things don’t make for easy pictures!

Backs, shows the rainbow pattern best


Closeup 1

Closeup 2–I love that holo!

Closeup 3

Each crystal had a different base on it.

  1. Finger Paints Twisted
  2. Milani HD
  3. Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness

They all had the same colors for the rainbow marble, though!

  • Wet n Wild Red
  • Sally Hansen Sun Kissed
  • Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
  • Sally Hansen Green With Envy
  • Sinful Colors Savage
  • Love & Beauty Magenta

NOTD: Yesterday’s blue and purple sparkles with added crystals

I am so in love with my nail crystals. I was really happy with my manicure last night but I still wanted to add an accent nail. By the time I finished the base colors it was almost bedtime so I had to wait until today to add my bling.

I am a huge fan of this gradient crystal look. I used three small crystals (about 1.3mm) in a slightly curved pattern along the bed of my nail, one medium (2mm) crystal  along a more drastic curve a the corner, and then one larger (3 or 4mm) crystal right near the tip.

Sorry for the blurry photo, it was so hard to get a semi-accurate picture so I had to settle for a bit of blurriness. Enjoy!

  • Sally Hansen Silver Sweep (x2)
  • Maybelline Denim Dash (x2)
  • China Glaze Dorothy Who?
  • Sally Hansen Laser (x2)
  • Nail crystals

NOTD: Blue and purple sparkle with matching ring

Yes, even more nail jewelry!! I found a set of rings at JoAnn’s–Plaid Ring Bling–that was actually stackable! It had two simple rings and one that you can attach gems to. I absolutely love stacking rings–two of my three everyday rings are stackable, though I wear them individually most of the time–so of course I had to pick this up. I had a coupon which made it about $4 for the set!! sadly they didn’t have my exact ring size so I got a size larger and it should work just fine.

This is my first ring I’ve been able to make since I’ve been having difficulty finding ring blanks. I’m just not a fan of adjustable rings, they always seem to pinch me and they corrode and crack too quickly for my liking, so finding the ring blanks at JoAnn’s was perfect. My wardrobe is generally on the dark side–I love black, dark blues, and dark purples–so I knew I had to do a darker theme for my ring. And since my favorite colors are blue and purple I knew I had to use Sally Hansen Laser as the topmost color. I used Dorothy Who? to add a bit more glitter, then two coats of Denim Dash for opacity and two coats of Silver Sweep to make the backing look silver. Finally I added a coat of Seche Vite to seal the back and after letting it dry for a little while I used some contact cement to glue it to my ring base. Next time I’ll be sure to let the finished gem dry a while longer as pressing the two pieces together caused some very minor warping but overall it looks fantastic!

And I couldn’t possibly show this ring off for the first time without doing my nails to match 🙂 (Also, I love the moment when I realize I already written up a blog post while I was doing my mani so by the time I finished and took pictures I just had to put them into the post!!)

  • Sally Hansen Silver Sweep (x2)
  • Maybelline Denim Dash (x2)
  • China Glaze Dorothy Who?
  • Sally Hansen Laser (x2)

Finished galaxy jewelry

Just a quick post to show off my finished galaxy jewelry. It’s going to be quick because I have a cross stitch project that was commissioned that I need to get working on ASAP! For those of you who are curious, I also have a craft blog. It’s not updated as much as this one but I have tons of crafts and cooking posts there, as well as lots of stuff for sale on my etsy shop! Please take a moment to look through it if you can, and share with friends if you like anything!

Here are a few items that the listings have expired; if you’re interested please leave a comment!

It even matches my shirt!

More nail polish jewelry

I picked up some 16mm cabochons using a $5 credit to an site similar to Etsy. I only paid a penny for 12 of cabochons 😀 However I didn’t realize that they had silver backings until after I’d purchased them. My solution? File the silver backing off using an old nail file! It worked great, it left some scratches in the plastic but once I put the first coat of polish onto it the scratches disappeared.

I’ve been wanting to do galaxy nails for a while but I haven’t had the patience. I took this as an opportunity to try out the galaxy look without having to sit and wait for my nails to dry. I’m quite pleased with how they turned out!! For anyone thinking of trying this I have one suggestion: don’t try to do the little white dots like you normally do (like on these), the dots get magnified a ton by the plastic (or glass if you’re using it) and it just looks funky. Glitter made a great first layer though!

I’m not sure which colors were used for which cabochon but here’s what’s on my workstation.

  • Love & Beauty holo glitter
  • Sally Hansen Spectrum
  • Hema 09
  • Essence Where is the Party?
  • Essence Blue Addicted
  • Sally Hansen Purple Potion
  • Prisma black jelly with silver glitter
  • e.l.f. Metal Madness

Now I just need to find some settings to put them into!

Nail polish jewelry!!

So I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing nail polish jewelry recently by painting cabochons and setting them but, well, I don’t have any cabochons or settings. What I do have are a few little plastic charm things I found on the ground 😉 So last night I got some of my nail stickers and two of my favorite nail polishes together and I went to work. A couple hours later I had a very pretty charm! I let it sit overnight before putting it on and I’m really happy with it 🙂

If you try this yourself remember to work BACKWARDS since you want it to look nice on the outside. For example, if you want glitter as the “top” color, add the glitter first. I had a tiny issue of the stickers starting to warp so I just waited until it was dry and smooshed them back into place with a piece of plastic. One of my smooshings tore up a teensy bit of the polish and sticker so…be careful!

Overall, I absolutely love this, and I can’t wait to see how nicely it sparkles in the sunlight!

  • Broadway Nails floral stickers
  • 3 coats Sally Hansen Laser
  • 1 coat Maybelline Denim Dash
  • 1 coat clear topcoat, extended onto the sides slightly