I almost made it…

I almost made it. Almost. I went 30 full days without buying nail polish! April was a no-buy month and since I’d been such a good girl and Sally’s had a great buy 2 get 1 free sale and I had a $10 coupon I decided to end my no-buy month early. I went a whole 30 days without buying any nail polish! I got acetone, cotton balls, and a little thing of glitter from Dollar Tree, so I’d say overall this was a pretty good month!

30 days without buying polish warrants a treat, right? ;-D Yes, that’s why I deserve this!! While shopping at Sally’s I was so conflicted. I was proud for not buying anything all month, but then I couldn’t find any polish I wanted, but then I really wanted to use my coupon, and then I said “screw it, I’m leaving”. Of course, right as I was at the exit I saw these Finger Paints glitters. I’ve been wanting a good pure blue glitter and a pure purple glitter (the only one I had before is blue/purple mixed) so I picked up the first FP and the last 2 FP in the picture. Then I just had to get the other bluish glitter. And then since I was starting another B2G1 set I had to find 2 more polishes! And that’s when Blue Iguana and Agro hopped into my basket. I swear, they just wandered right in there without me noticing 😉 I grabbed the nail scrubby brush because my little one is getting rusted and I needed just about $1 more to be able to use my $10 off coupon.

All this awesome stuff? $11. Heck yeah!

  • Sally Girl nail scrubber
  • China Glaze Agro
  • China Glaze Blue Iguana
  • Finger Paints Laugh my Art Off
  • Finger Paints Art You Wondering?
  • Finger Paints Purple Palette
  • Finger Paints Easel-y Entertained

Sally’s Haul!

I love Sally’s Beauty. For the longest time I thought the closest Sally’s was a whole city away and I always felt so bad dragging my honey (who has the only car) there to browse…then I found out a few weeks ago there’s a Sally’s RIGHT down the street from me, like a 5 minute drive (or a pretty quick walk)!! My nail polish collection will be growing even faster now, I’m sure of it…

I’m also a Coupon/Clearance Queen, I love getting the best deals for my money. Recently the TraceFace Philes posted Sally’s March birthday coupon, $10 off a $20 purchase. I’d been planning on buying Stone Cold and maybe Harvest Moon from the Hunger Games collection which would have already put me at $10 so of course I had to spend another $10 so I could essentially get some free swag 😉

In the end I opted for Orly’s Glitz in place of Harvest Moon (which still put me at just over $10) since I was just looking for a foil orange and didn’t have my heart set on Harvest Moon, some nail wheels since my collection is very quickly nearing 180 and I’m almost out of room from my last pack of nail wheels, then I saw the Seche deal where you get the base coat free with top coat. Now I’ve seen a lot of mixed feelings on Seche Vite, lots of people love it, lots of people hate it. Myself, I’m a huge fan of NYC’s quick-dry topcoat but for BOGO free with the base coat…I just had to try it. Into my basket it went!

In the end I used the $10 off $20 coupon along with a 15% coupon I got for signing up on Sally’s website and I saved exactly 50%–I saved $11.96 and paid exactly that for my purchase. I think that’s Mother Nature’s way of saying I made a good choice for polish and accessories 😉

  • Orly Glitz
  • China Glaze Stone Cold (Hunger Games Collection)
  • Seche Clear
  • Seche Vite
  • Nail wheels

Stay tuned for my first Seche Clear/Vite manicure! What do you think about Seche Vite? Love it/hate it? Let me know any tips you have, too! 🙂