NOTD: Zoya Zuza and Rea, a match made in Heaven

I…I’m actually a little speechless for today’s mani. I honestly am finding myself just oogling my nails and going “hommina, hommina, hommina.” In fact it’s taken me like 20 minutes to write this post because I just keep looking at the picture and looking at my nails and going “oooh, aaaah”!

I decided to use Zuza on a whim when all the glitter came off of yesterday’s mani, Jilltastic is still doing her Try It On Tuesday and I just got Zuza from Copious for a penny a few days ago. She’s been sitting on my shelf, just waiting patiently for me to pick her up and pair her with someone….and Rea called to me. Rea was one of the first Zoya polishes I got and it’s still one of my favorites (along with Jem).

This was so simple to do! I started with two coats each of Rea and Zuza, then used Seche Vite since I had to get out the door fast for an appointment. When I got home I tossed on some French tip guides (I’m horrible at freehanding them) and did the tips. Rea only took one coat for full opacity, but Zuza over Rea was a bit too thin with one coat. I kept the nail guide on (you generally remove each guide as soon as you’re done painting that tip) and removed it right after I did a second coat, the line was still nice and crisp and not the slightest bit messed up, though I did only wait like 3 minutes after the first coat.

All right, enough of my blabbering (when I was apparently speechless, lol), check this baby out for yourself!

  • Zoya Zuza
  • Zoya Rea

NOTD: Feelin’ Peachy

Growing up a blonde girl who loved Super Mario it was only natural that my favorite Princess was Peach (AKA Princess Toadstool). Pink has never really been my color but I didn’t care, I wanted to be Princess Peach (even though it was infinitely more fun rescuing her then I imagine it could have been to be her awaiting rescue).

Isn’t she just adorable?

I wanted to try something new this time, I didn’t want just boring old French tips. Water marble tips is something I’d never seen before so I figured out how to do it all on my own! First, check out my pretty nails, then on to the tutorial!

To get water marbled French tips it’s pretty similar to doing normal water marbling. Start by painting your base color and allowing it to fully dry. I let mine sit for a couple hours but overnight would have been best, or I could have used some of my Seche Vite. Once your nails are dry, tape them up! I used French tip guides and then covered the rest of my nails and fingers with tape. I’ve found masking tape works best for me.

Next, follow this tutorial (or your favorite water marbling tutorial) but instead of dipping one nail at a time, dip your whole hand at once. Make sure your nails go in at an angle to prevent bubbles! After that you’ll end up with something that looks a bit daunting if you haven’t taped your fingers…

Imagine if you hadn’t taped up your fingers, look at all the cleanup you’d have to do! And for me I used a dark reddish color, even the small bits that got on my skin were a pain to remove without staining! So remember, boys and girls, always thoroughly tape your fingers before water marbling.

Also, if you’re using a styrofoam container to water marble in make sure that none of your polish hits the bottom or you’ll look away for a second and turn back to see this…

Yeah, that’s all water in the center there.

Once you’ve removed your tape and done any necessary cleanup you’ll be left with something like this!

As you can see from my first mani picture above I added a little crown stamp and gold lines where my French tips met my base color. I’m super happy with this!! I think I’ll have to wear pink for the first time in months just to celebrate this mani 😉

Now excuse me while I go fire up the Nintendo and play some Mario 🙂

  • Valmy 156
  • Valmy 157
  • Sally Hansen Gold Chrome
  • BM-215

NOTD: Cross one lemming off the list! (Plus review)

Guys. Guys! Have you heard about ManGlaze? They have some amazing colors (and the most hilarious names). They specialize in matte polish and have names like “Fuggen Ugly”, “Lesbihonest” (which has a very nice drawing of two cute ladies on it!), and one of my favorites: “Santorum”. For those of you who don’t know what “Santorum” means other than Rick Santorum…you might not want to look it up! For those of you who do know what it means, [insert giggling like a 12 year old here] 😉

I’ve been lemming after Santorum since I first saw it at the Trace Face Philes but I couldn’t justify dropping $13+ dollars on one polish. But hear this, my friends: my patience has paid off! ManGlaze had a flash giveaway on their Facebook page recently and me and another lady guessed the secret phrase within 20 seconds of one another (she got to it juuust a bit quicker than I did). ManGlaze was awesome enough to name both of us as winners! First off, let’s check out the awesome goodies they threw in. Post-Its, sticker, really shiny business cards, and a very cool guitar pick charm (which is going straight onto my keyring).

Close up of my favorites, the polish (of course) and the charm

Right now I really wish I had Illamasqua’s Load, a drippy tip design with Santorum as a base would be pretty amazing(ly icky). Ah well, Santorum is still gorgeous on its own!

Santorum is a really nice dark brown with dark red/brown microglitter and a bit of rainbow-y microglitter. This was almost a one-coater, some bits were still a little bare after the first coat so I put on a second coat just to be safe. As you would expect with a matte, it dried really quickly. I was able to safely run my finger across the surface of the nail about 3 minutes after painting them and I didn’t get a single smudge. The formula seems really good–nice, thick polish and a great brush. It’s Big 3-Free, too! I wasn’t able to find if it’s vegan friendly, though, I’m really hoping it is. You can pick it up on Amazon. They sell some polishes on their website but I wasn’t able to find Santorum. Definitely worth looking into if you’re into more indie brands!

Glossy tips over matte with glossy accent

I, for one, am voting (ManGlaze) Santorum.

  • ManGlaze Santorum