NOTD: Black and white gradient with crystal accent

One of my favorite blogs is having a nail art contest and the theme is “black and white” You can only use black and white, which was tough!

My first idea that I’d had was done by someone else right before I was about to start on my nails–thankfully I checked the other entries before starting! This was my second idea and I’m so happy with how it turned out, especially my accent nail. Check out how it looked halfway through 🙂

I’m definitely gonna do this accent nail again, I think it’d look awesome as part of an ombre mani or with other colors.

The second part of my mani was a sponged gradient and dots. My black is so opaque, it was tough to get a good gradient, but it turned out pretty good. I really like the dots that swap colors when the gradient starts 😀

  • Sally Hansen White On
  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
  • Wet n Wild Black Creme
  • Nail crystals

NOTD: Ready for a hoof-wrassle

I was lucky enough to win Rainbow Honey’s recent giveaway (and so did my sweetheart!! I love having a lacquer-loving sweetheart) for the Equestria collection inspired by My Little Pony. My sweetie got Hoof-wrassle (inspired by Applejack) in the mail on Saturday and I stole it right away! Of course, my first manicure with it had to be Applejack-inspired. First off, let’s check out some gorgeous bottle shots. This is my first indie polish so I’m really excited!! And the packaging was just so cute!

I used my own custom franken as a base, a gorgeous quick-dry one coater I’ve now dubbed “Dreamsicle”. It has a slightly foil-y finish and a deep, creamy orange base. I didn’t want to waste a drop of Hoof-wrassle if I didn’t have to!

Next up, two coats of Hoof-wrassle. I could have gotten away with just one coat, the glitter was so dense, but two really brings out all the gorgeous glitter.

At this point, I thought it looked very cute! But it didn’t do Applejack justice. It needed more. It needed…her cutie mark!

Ah, Applejack would be proud! My sweetie won this one and I won the polish inspired by Fluttershy, I was supposed to be seeing Mom so I had it sent to her but I haven’t had the chance to get it from her yet. Hopefully this weekend! And of course, I’ll be doing a Fluttershy manicure with it 🙂 Rainbow Honey is doing pre-orders of her Equestria line, you should definitely check it out! If I could afford it I would buy the entire line!! Here’s hoping they’re still being made when I have money to spend on indie polish 🙂

  • Custom franken Dreamsicle
  • Rainbow Honey Hoof-wrassle
  • Wet n Wild red
  • Playboy green

NOTD: Mermaid tail

I’ve seen a few people doing “fish” nails recently, Spektor’s Nails seems to be the most commonly linked to (and for good reason, her nails turned out awesome). Polish All The Nails also did a “mermaid” style manicure using large glitter to form a kind of armor and I simply adore the look! I was feeling amazingly patient tonight and so I decided to try BOTH ideas for the first time!

In my celebratory “I haven’t bought polish for 30 days” haul I bought China Glaze Blue Iguana–a gorgeous shimmery, slightly duochrome-y blue. It’s a little sheer but I like it! Here’s Blue Iguana by itself after 2 coats.

After finishing my base color (this picture really doesn’t do it justice!) I grabbed a few coordinating shades of blue and teal. I even got to use 2 more colors I’d never used before, one from my international swap from the Netherlands and one I picked up at Walgreens weeks ago. After about an hour of dotting I ended up with a pretty neat effect! next time I’ll space the dots out a bit more but for a first try I’m really diggin’ it.

On my pinky I started working on the “nail armor” look…wow, I am glad I decided to start on my smallest nail, that’s for sure! The glitter I used was really small and if you look closely you can see that on the left side (closest to the edge of my hand) of my nail the glitter is close together…as it gets further to the right the glitter gets spaced out further, lol. It was really tough to get them spaced closely enough and placing such small glitter was really killing me. I alternated between blue and green glitter, though you can’t really tell the difference. I love the “disco ball” look it gives and I’ll definitely try it again…but probably either with bigger glitter or spaced out further.

  • China Glaze Blue Iguana
  • China Glaze Frostbite
  • Orly Sweet Peacock
  • Hema 09
  • Sinful Colors Neptune
  • Sally Hansen Blue Streak
  • Glitter

NOTD: Camo

This week’s theme is “A polish I’ve never used”. I’ve been waiting to try Selena because I had a specific idea in mind (that included two more polishes I’ve never used, perfect for this week’s theme!) and I must say I’m pretty darn happy with it. I have to admit, Selena looks…a little bit like baby poo. But it looks great for nail art, and I think this camo manicure is the perfect application.

Adding the matte topcoat to this design is what really makes this manicure. Glossy looks neat, sure, but matte just brings it to a whole new level. I’m not 100% happy with it but overall I think it turned out great for a first attempt!


Matte topcoat

  • Julep Selena
  • China Glaze Westside Warrior
  • Sinful Colors Nirvana