NOTD: Christmas in July

I spontaneously wanted to wear red nail polish today. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea. I have probably 20 pinks/reds but I wear them maybe once a month, but I can’t bear to part with most of them! I think red nail polish just makes me think of being a mom too much, which is a thought that terrifies me!!

So to break up the red, “Mom” feeling, I decided to do something fun. A blog I follow was doing a Christmas in July nail art contest and another was doing a season-inspired contest (I think a mish-mash of winter and summer counts!) and so I got my creative gears goin’. Here’s what I came up with:

And descriptions of my inspiration for each nail:

* The tinsel that continues to clog up the vacuum every. Single. Time.

* The glitter. Oh god, the glitter. Why does it never come off?!

* The Christmas tree you’ve been meaning to take down since January but have never quite gotten to.

* The re-gifted present that you can’t for the life of you imagine why Great Aunt Ethel thought you’d like it.

* The final credit card payment for your extravagant Christmas…just in time to start buying for this year!

This was tons of fun to do and I’m really glad I took the dive and participated. I generally don’t like Christmas-y stuff, but this was fun enough to make up for it! 😉

  • CoverGirl Cherry Brandy
  • Love & Beauty silver glitter
  • Wild n Crazy Pierre
  • NYC Bryant Park
  • ManGlaze Santorum
  • LA Colors silver striper
  • Orly Lucky Duck
  • Sally Hansen Green with Envy
  • China Glaze Twinkle Lights
  • striping tape

NOTD: More glitter than is entirely reasonable

This should hopefully be a short post as I’m about ready to flop into bed. It’s been a very long weekend! I spent all day today looking at apartments in a city an hour from where I currently live. Thankfully my sweetheart drove but it was still pretty draining.

I made a very silly decision and decided to paint my nails at about 10PM; by 10:30 I was exhausted and wanted to fall into bed but I was nowhere near done with my nails. Thank goodness for Seche Vite or I’d be waiting like another hour before I could go to sleep D:

I really wanted to try to imitate my teal accent fingers from yesterday’s manicure but with pink glitter this time. Sadly I don’t have a dense enough pink glitter that I’d be able to do that and I’m not terribly happy with the results. Also, this is another “7 layers of glitter” mani so it’s gonna be a major pain to remove but I’ll give it a try for a day or two. And now, my bed calls to me; good night, all!

I didn’t use Tickled Pink as a base for my right pinky, I used two coats of Glass Pink instead. I think I like it more, but still not what I was going for. Anyone know of a dense pink glitter??

  • Wet n Wild Tickled Pink
  • Sinful Colors Glass Pink
  • Prisma pink glitter
  • CoverGirl Ruby Dust
  • China Glaze Dorothy Who? (2x as base for accent)
  • Prisma silver glitter
  • Prisma teal glitter