NOTD: Feeling silly

It is late. I am under-rested (due to my cat loving to play all night) and over-caffeinated, and dag nab it I wanted something cute and silly! Not my best art, but definitely good enough for just a fun little mani 😉

  • NYC Bryant Park
  • Milani Black Sketch

NOTD: Black and white gradient with crystal accent

One of my favorite blogs is having a nail art contest and the theme is “black and white” You can only use black and white, which was tough!

My first idea that I’d had was done by someone else right before I was about to start on my nails–thankfully I checked the other entries before starting! This was my second idea and I’m so happy with how it turned out, especially my accent nail. Check out how it looked halfway through 🙂

I’m definitely gonna do this accent nail again, I think it’d look awesome as part of an ombre mani or with other colors.

The second part of my mani was a sponged gradient and dots. My black is so opaque, it was tough to get a good gradient, but it turned out pretty good. I really like the dots that swap colors when the gradient starts 😀

  • Sally Hansen White On
  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
  • Wet n Wild Black Creme
  • Nail crystals

NOTD: Black and White Marble with Glitter

Squeeee! I got all of my supplies for mixing up my own glitter polishes today! Check this stuff out 😀

Suspension base, tons of glitters, and empty bottles

So I’ve been mixing up some tiny test sizes to see if my glitter bleeds or not and if the suspension base really suspends the way it should. The jury’s still out on that, it takes time for glitter to bleed, but I think overall it’ll be ok. I’ll know in the morning. Now, onto my NOTD!

A blog I’m following is doing a Black and White nail art contest and I wanted to do a nice, crisp black and white water marble. My colors ended up bleeding together a little bit and I ended up with black/grey/white, which is neat but not what I was hoping for. Oh, by the way…when water marbling with black, make sure you tape off your nails! It took me about half an hour just to clean off the black 😦 And I still have bits of black stuck in the creases of my hands. Oh well, I’ll be redoing this tomorrow anyways!

Oh, and check out that glitter on my ring finger. I made that myself! *Preens* I’ve been dying for a black glitter polish for a long time but the only one I’ve ever seen is an indie and it’s more than I can afford. Today, after I got my supplies in the mail, I realized that I could make my own black glitter polish! I don’t know why I keep forgetting that I can make all these polishes I’m lusting after!

What I really like about the glitter (which I’ve named Obsidian) is that the small glitter changes color from black to purple and the larger glitter is square, not the usual hexagonal! This is exactly what I’ve been wanting! 🙂 I’m thinking I might make these to sell, would anyone consider buying it? 🙂

Shows Obsidian the best–click for hi-res!

  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
  • Sally Hansen White On
  • Wet n Wild Black Creme
  • Kyoti’s Nails Obsidian

NOTD: Belladonna and a tiny tiara

Just a quick blurb about this one, my bed is calling me!

I’m totally not sticking to my space theme this week, but whatever! I wanted to do a little manicure inspired by my favorite author, Anne Bishop. My all-time favorite book series is the Black Jewels series (so good, definitely check it out!). I wanted a little update to yesterday’s holo mani and I noticed the colors were pretty similar to Belladonna’s cover. I added a few little nail crystals to my accent nails and called it a day–I was feeling pretty lazy, what can I say? 😉

Then I wanted to do something with my right hand–it never gets any blog time! So I used Milani HD on an accent nail and did a teeny tiny tiara on it :3 Isn’t it adorable??

NOTD: Oh so holo

Ever since I got my first holo from Copious (still stunned I got it for a PENNY omg) I’ve become a little bit obsessed with them. I went very quickly from zero holo to 5 of them 😀 I really like Milani’s holo line, reasonably priced, pretty easy to find, and some very pretty colors.

This week’s theme is “space” and I’m getting a little sick of doing nail art, I wanted something “simple”. I settled on using Milani’s “Cyberspace“, which is a very loose interpretation of “space” 😉 I tried putting some star glitter on one nail but they didn’t stick well so I ended up redoing them.

I decided to do a little bit of experimenting with holos this time. First off: does putting a topcoat over holo really make a difference? Answer: yes! You can see in the photo below that on the left I’ve added a topcoat, on the right there’s no topcoat. On the right you can still see the linear rainbow effect, that effect doesnt’ show up as well on the left (topcoated).

Left: topcoat, right: no topcoat

Next I wanted to know if I could “make my own holo”. I put on two layers of e.l.f. Metal Madness then put one coat of  HD (silver holo) over it. It gives a really good holo effect! It’s not exactly like it would be if it was an actual holo color but it still looks great. My thumb has Metal Madness by itself and my ring finger has Metal Madness plus HD.

Thumb: Metal Madness, ring: metal madness + HD

Here’s the finished manicure! I’m really happy with it 🙂

  • Milani Cyberspace
  • e.l.f. Metal Madness
  • Milani HD

NOTD: Holo-licious Penny Polish with stamping

First off, I need to take a moment to squeal happily for the fact that I got my first holographic polish for one freakin’ penny. Ready? *Squeals so high-pitched only dogs can hear it.* Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system 😉

As I’m sure those of you who follow my twitter and Facebook know I’ve been pushing my Copious linklot lately, and for good reason. Copious is kind of like a mixture between Etsy and eBay. They give you a $5/$10 credit (depending on how big your network is but at least $5) when you sign up and I get a credit when you complete your first order after signing up through my link.

I’ve already gotten 3 nail polishes for a penny each and a really yummy-smelling handmade soap (almond mocha, yum) for about $2.50. The reason why they were a penny is that Copious requires a minimum of one cent per order, so if your order is less than your credits you only pay one cent (no hidden fees). How can you not love Penny Polish, seriously?! So do yourself (and me!) a favor and sign up! They have some Zoya, Julep, and Kleancolor right now, I might be picking up one of them soon though 😉

Enough gushing about Penny Polish, I have a manicure to talk about!

I’ve been wanting a holographic polish for a while now and I’ve looked at a few different brands and colors. I really wanted Milani Hi-Res or Cyberspace but when I saw Digital for a penny on Copious (sorry, I’m not supposed to be talking about it anymore!) I had to swipe it up before someone else did. I’m really happy with Digital, it took 3 coats for pretty thorough opacity and oh man the sparkle is amazing. Going along with this week’s theme this is a polish I’ve never used before (since it just came in the mail today!)

Here’s what 3 coats looks like; you can still baaaarely see my nail line, 4 coats would probably cover the nail line the rest of the way. I’ve read that holo polish is best with no base coat and no topcoat, so that’s what I’ve done here.

I’m doing my best to keep up with the 31-day challenge that some of my friends are doing and today is “Tribal”. I’m just not a fan of the more common tribal manicures I’ve seen so I decided to go with a tribal-style heart stamping instead.

The one little accent heart was so cute, I love manicures with just one little accent. I really wanted to get some stamping practice in so I added to it…just a little… I think in the end I overdid it a tiny bit but it’s not too overboard, I hope! My desk lamp totally washed out the silver stamping so I had to use just my room’s lamp but all of the sparkle of Digital got lost 😦 I really like the dual-heart look, though!

NOTD: Domestic violence awareness

Tomorrow is another important day to me. I know, just a few days ago was important too, but tomorrow is important for another reason. Fair warning–this post is going to get kind of personal and might trigger some people.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of a day that changed my life. April 26, 2011, I left my girlfriend who had been emotionally, mentally, verbally, and physically abusing me for the last 3-6 months. The final physical attack was the last straw, I knew I didn’t deserve it so I got out of the apartment and called the police on her. I moved everything I owned out of her apartment that same day and have had no direct contact with her since. In the past year I’ve endured anxiety, paranoia, depression, and fear, but in experiencing these emotions I learned a lot about myself, my strengths, and my value as a person and as a friend.

Just recently I received a follow request from her on twitter–a request I quickly denied, but not before reading a few of her recent posts. One of which included an open letter she had written on her blog. The letter spoke of how she has a history of losing control and harming those she cared for. Without naming me directly she acknowledged her wrongdoings and apologized for the harm she caused. She also spoke of how she’s working hard to change herself for the better. All of these things are things that 6 months ago I would have never believed and never thought would happen, and when I read her post it opened up a flood of emotions. To her credit, it was truly the best way to attempt to make amends–no direct contact but acknowledging and apologizing for her wrongdoings.

I will never speak to that woman again, but I wish her well in her endeavors and I sincerely hope she can overcome her shortcomings and become a loving, happy, successful person. If she’s reading this: you’ve taught me much of who I am as a person, and though I wish I’d learned these things in different ways I have learned lessons that I may not have learned otherwise. I am not ashamed that I fell victim to manipulation and abuse, it’s nothing that is shameful, and in fact I am proud to be a survivor, not solely a victim.

In honor of the anniversary of my freedom and the rebirth into the person I am today I’m bending the rules on my 13-week challenge.

If you know anyone who you suspect is in an abusive relationship please go here to learn how you can help. Know that you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved, and do your best to simply be there for them, let them know they can trust you, and love them unconditionally.

Purple is the color of the domestic violence awareness ribbon so I chose purple as my main color for this manicure. I have to point out just how shiny the purple becomes after topcoat.

Before accent, before topcoat

After accent, before topcoat

After accent, after topcoat