NOTD: Neon purple and a reminder of why I hate stamping…

So the night before last I asked my Facebook fans if I should do neon purple or neon pink nails and everyone suggested purple!

Guys…you have great taste 😀 Sadly the camera doesn’t quite capture the true color of this polish. I got it in a swap but I’m pretty sure it came in this mini set as the other color I got looks like the second color in the pack. It’s not Pucci-licious though, it’s WAY darker, so I’m stumped as to what color it actually is. OH WELL. It’s gorgeous!

When doing this manicure I was reminded of why despite my love of stamping I do it so rarely. I tried probably 4 or 5 different times to get ANY of my stamps to work. The polish I used has worked great in the past so I don’t know if maybe it’s just too dang hot (it is for me, I know that) or if the polish has dried up too much, or maybe my stamps just sucked. In the end I had to totally take off and redo my accent nail 3 times, and even the stamp I used in the end didn’t transfer perfectly so I stamped over it again. It’s still not perfect, but I covered the biggest mistake with a lovely rhinestone so all is well!

Today I went swimming and the sunlight shows the true color a lot better. I also got a shot of the iridescent stamping on my nail!!


  • Color Club Poptastic purple
  • Sally Hansen Silver Chrome
  • Sally Hansen Platinum
  • BM212
  • Konad m60
  • nail crystal

7 thoughts on “NOTD: Neon purple and a reminder of why I hate stamping…

  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    I agree I also hate stamping, It took me almost 10 tries for one nail last night for mine 😦 its so frustrating

  2. Stamping is honestly so frustrating. It seems like such a waste of polish before you get the hang of it! I’m still not very great at it, but yours look fantastic! Now you’ve inspired me to go back and try it again 🙂 I was considering giving up and selling my mega plate haha.

  3. Jenna Froggy says:

    I hate stamping. I don’t see how some people are so good at it, because for me it takes a bazillion tries to get it right. But yours doesn’t look bad, I think they are cute!

  4. melissa says:

    I Love stamping:) The trick I found is to work Super FAST!!!!!! the faster you work the better it transfers!!!! Beautiful colors!!!!

  5. I’ve never tried stamping, but it definitely looks pretty!

    • Kyoti says:

      Thanks! When it works it’s very “oooh” and “aaah” inducing, lol, but sometimes it takes so much work it’s hardly worth it!

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