Another nail decal tutorial

I’ve been sitting on this tutorial for a while now but haven’t gotten around to writing it up–bad Kyoti! I just wanted to share how I made my own nail decals 🙂 Hopefully the pictures mostly speak for themselves!

Lay out either a sticker sheet (stickers removed, of course!) or a plastic baggie and pain a nice thick coat of a base color. If you’ll be putting this decal over a dark color do a few coats. I used Wet n Wild Red here.

Paint with a second color for an interesting effect, if desired. I used Wild n Crazy Pierre, a nice blood-red jelly.

Layer with glitter, crackle, whatever you want! Allow to dry for at least half an hour, preferably an hour or more but not overnight or it will be brittle.

Peel the sheet of polish off your backing. Using a scrapbook punch, punch out any shape you like! I found it best to push down on the punch and, while still holding the punch down, tear the polish strip off to the side, leaving you with a clean shape. When you’re ready to apply it to your nail paint a layer of topcoat onto your nail and apply! Topcoat over it to secure.

That’s it! Since this was still sort of moist (I only let mine sit for about half an hour total) it just stuck to the nail and I could have topcoated right over it without needing the topcoat to “glue” it in place. This is a great way to have lighter colored decals over darker colored polish!


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