NOTD: Throttle accent

Sorry I’ve been so quiet all weekend! I was busy taking a motorcycle training course 🙂 I did awesome! But I’m gonna go back for one more class before risking going on the street on my own 🙂

Of course I had to have pretty nails for my class. I didn’t do my nails until fairly late the night before so I needed something quick and simple. What’s better than magnetic?! I love this Sally Hansen, I really only needed one coat so that’s all I used!

My kitty refused to get off of my desk so I could take pictures

As you can see, I alternated the direction of the wave for the magnet. For my thumb I held the magnet sideways for a really neat effect!

After my first day on the course I was inspired to try something new. I’ve been seeing different “accent” types going around–cocktail and trigger accents are the two that come to mind first–so I figured…why not do a throttle/brake accent? The riding coaches kept grinding into our heads that you always use 4 fingers on the brake lever so this really helped remind me to not get lazy and only use 2 (which provides less strength and you may not stop as quickly). I looove how it turned out!

And to show the difference between the thumb and other fingers…

  • Sally Hansen Ionic Indigo
  • Kyoti’s Nails Blue Box

One thought on “NOTD: Throttle accent

  1. Jenna Froggy says:

    Oh, I wanna take a motorcycle training course :O/

    Your nails look great!

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