NOTD: Purple overload

Over the last 3 days I’ve gotten 6 nail polishes in the mail from swaps and from Copious (Color Club for a penny? Oh yes please. Sign up for a $10 credit!) and I wanted something simple. I absolutely had to try this Color Club glitter but I also had to get to sleep, so I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Urgent Orchid and layered a coat of Tru Passion over it–super simple, super fast, and super pretty!

I absolutely adore purple glitters (I think I have about 5 now), what’s your favorite kind of polish??

  • Sally Hansen Urgent Orchid
  • Color Club Tru Passion

2 thoughts on “NOTD: Purple overload

  1. bmweed says:

    I really love the Urgent Orchid – it looks like a matte-ish finish, is that right? Very nice!

    • Kyoti says:

      It’s quick-dry so it’s less glossy than normal polish. I was actually considering putting a matte topcoat over this, if I do I’ll compare this and matte!

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