June LGBT nail art contest

Happy June, everyone!

June is LGBT pride month in the US. I identify as non-heteronormative and tend to surround myself with like-minded people, so LGBT(etc) rights are extremely important to me. I’m hoping this nail art contest can help spread the word on LGBT rights 🙂

This month I’ve decided to do my very first nail art contest!! The theme is LGBT pride/support and feel free to interpret how you see fit. Unfortunately this contest is US ONLY at this point.

I’m still trying to determine prizes, I’ll be doing a poll on my Facebook page so please vote once you see the post 🙂


  1. All entries must be emailed to Kyoti@KyotisNails.com and please explain how your nails were inspired by the theme.
  2. All entries must be your own work, though you can do your fingernails, toenails, or someone else’s fingernails or toenails. One entry per person/nail artist/submitter.
  3. Any entrant found to be submitting someone else’s work or submitting more than once will be disqualified.
  4. All entries must be new manicures. If you have a favorite LGBT mani you’ve done before, please recreate it instead of submitting an old picture–show your pride and support in June!
  5. All entries must have some form of nail art and can’t be full-nail nail stickers or a one-color manicure across all nails (rainbow ombre would be acceptable, for example, but all red would not be). Crystals, gradient, dotting, freehand, stamping, whatever! Get as crazy and creative as you like!
  6. There will be two winners: one for “amateur” level and one for “advanced” level art. Please indicate which level you feel you’re at in your email, though I may put you into the other category if I feel your entry fits better there. Even if you think you have no skills, please enter! Everyone can always use inspiration, especially me 🙂
  7. Entries will be judged by myself, my mom (who begged to be a judge!), and a few friends. Any bloggers who are NOT entering this contest but would like to judge, please email me! Pictures will also be posted to my Facebook for people to Like and those votes will be taken into account when judging but will not be the deciding factor.
  8. Email me with any questions and most of all, have fun! Get creative with your photos, especially! And don’t forget to watermark if you have a blog.

A few inspiration ideas

  • Rainbow, when all else fails, rainbow!
  • Trans*, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, etc flags, gradients or taped would be perfect for the flags
  • Female/female, male/male, trans*, etc symbols
  • NOH8
  • Something that reminds you of your brother/sister/mom/dad/best friend who is LGBTQ

12 thoughts on “June LGBT nail art contest

  1. Happy to see this! I’m not LGBT but I feel very strongly about equal rights. This is going to be awesome!

  2. Violet says:

    I love this idea so much! I just had a brainstorm with my partner, and we came up with a design that I’m really excited about. I can’t wait to see what everyone else does!

  3. Wow, Really Great Idea! Love The Idea Of Picking An Advanced & An Amateur! Nice Idea, Gives Beginners A Bit Of Confidence x. Let Me Know If You Start Taking International Entries In Future x

  4. Jim says:

    I’m glad you have an amateur division, I have not entered a nail art contests before because there is no way I can complete with some of the awesome designs of experienced people. I think this is a great way to increase awareness.

    • Kyoti says:

      I’m the exact same way, I also don’t like the “popularity contest” style voting on Facebook where you get friends to like the picture because I *never* win. Though if I ever get big enough I bet I’ll start liking that style, lol.

      I hope you end up entering! 🙂 In case you’re concerned gents are totally welcome to enter!

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