Bubble Bobble polish

For my indie polish line I’m starting up I definitely want the general theme to be “geeky”. Of course I’ve talked about my Zelda line about a million times in the past week or two, but today’s creations are just a mini collection.

These two polishes are inspired by the Nintendo game Bubble Bobble. It’s a game my brother and I played a ton growing up 🙂 Basically it’s a game where you play as adorable dragons Bub (green) and Bob (blue) and you try to rescue your kidnapped girlfriends!

I used the actual colors of Bub and Bob as inspiration. Medium dark blue and small light blue glitter for Bobblin’, medium light glitter and small yellow glitter for Bubblin’. Simple, but I love them!! Bobblin’ on the left, Bubblin’ on the right. Click for hi-res so you can see the little glitter better! 🙂

And just because I thought it looked really neat before I started mixing… (Bobblin’)

These are just prototypes but a slightly reformulated version of these will be available for pre-order once my Kickstarter is up! Keep an eye out for them 🙂


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