NOTD: Ready for a hoof-wrassle

I was lucky enough to win Rainbow Honey’s recent giveaway (and so did my sweetheart!! I love having a lacquer-loving sweetheart) for the Equestria collection inspired by My Little Pony. My sweetie got Hoof-wrassle (inspired by Applejack) in the mail on Saturday and I stole it right away! Of course, my first manicure with it had to be Applejack-inspired. First off, let’s check out some gorgeous bottle shots. This is my first indie polish so I’m really excited!! And the packaging was just so cute!

I used my own custom franken as a base, a gorgeous quick-dry one coater I’ve now dubbed “Dreamsicle”. It has a slightly foil-y finish and a deep, creamy orange base. I didn’t want to waste a drop of Hoof-wrassle if I didn’t have to!

Next up, two coats of Hoof-wrassle. I could have gotten away with just one coat, the glitter was so dense, but two really brings out all the gorgeous glitter.

At this point, I thought it looked very cute! But it didn’t do Applejack justice. It needed more. It needed…her cutie mark!

Ah, Applejack would be proud! My sweetie won this one and I won the polish inspired by Fluttershy, I was supposed to be seeing Mom so I had it sent to her but I haven’t had the chance to get it from her yet. Hopefully this weekend! And of course, I’ll be doing a Fluttershy manicure with it 🙂 Rainbow Honey is doing pre-orders of her Equestria line, you should definitely check it out! If I could afford it I would buy the entire line!! Here’s hoping they’re still being made when I have money to spend on indie polish 🙂

  • Custom franken Dreamsicle
  • Rainbow Honey Hoof-wrassle
  • Wet n Wild red
  • Playboy green

2 thoughts on “NOTD: Ready for a hoof-wrassle

  1. Victoria says:

    This is so cute! Applejack would definitely be proud. That franken (plus the layered glitter) is perfect. Awesome mani.

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