NOTD: Purple squared

I love purple! Purple and blue are my favorite colors. Looking at my nail polish rack you wouldn’t be surprised how much I like purple and blue!

I went to bed with naked nails last night after my semi-failed experiment so I wanted something quick and simple before leaving the house today. I don’t think I’ve used Hema 08 yet that I got from my friend in the Netherlands. It’s a wonderful one-coater!! I probably could have gotten away with two coats but I wanted it to be pretty quick so I left it at one. After that I layered Milani Lavender. I used one coat on my index, middle, and pinky fingers, then two coats on my ring finger and thumb.

Lavender is so glitter-full! I could probably use three or four coats and get complete coverage. I really like the mixture of larger glitter and small glitter. It also seems to dry pretty quickly! Milani is very quickly going to the top of my “favorite brands” list, especially after this glitter, my nail stripers, and the 3D holographics. I got this at Target for pretty darn cheap and there are a ton of great colors, you should definitely check out their Jewel FX line!

  • Hema 08
  • Milani Lavender Jewel FX

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