NOTD: Matte franken triple moon

I’m only sort of breaking the rules today! My theme this week is “a polish I’ve never used” and the only polish I used in this mani which I hadn’t used before was just for the accent. I really like the other color I used here though and I’ve only worn it once so…it almost counts! For the base I used one of my favorite frankens (ok…they’re all my favorite!) that I call Nazgûl.

This was a really easy look to achieve. Using a dotting tool I did the basic shape of the triple moon (which symbolizes the stages of life), then (still using my dotting tool) I covered up the mistakes with black polish (for opacity), and finally covered the black polish with Nazgûl to blend it all together. It’s late and I was impatient so it’s not my best art but I’m pretty fond of it 🙂

Nazgûl (in my humble opinion) looks best with a matte finish. Here’s a comparison.

Without matte topcoat

After matte topcoat. Poor sad smudge 😦

  • Custom franken Nazgûl
  • Sally Hansen Silver Sweep
  • Wet n Wild Black Creme

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