NOTD: Magnetix

So as much as I loved my snakeskin manicure, the scales started to come off after my shower (shame on me for not showering first!) so I decided to remove it and try something new.

This week’s theme is “A polish I’ve never used”, and I have a LOT of them! First on my list was China Glaze Drawn to You which Holli sent me a few days ago. I was itching to try it when it came but I told myself to wait just a few days so I could actually do it as a challenge mani. And oh man was it worth the wait!

I ran into a few snags trying to work on my first few nails. I kept getting the magnet too close and messing up my nail or keeping it too far away and not getting a good design. After a few failed nails I think I finally got the hang of it. The instructions on the magnet suggests just doing one coat of the polish and then designing it. Instead I did one coat as a base, let it dry fully, then did one nice, thick coat over it and held the magnet for 20+ seconds. I found it easiest to actually hold my finger and magnet in the air so I could look from the side to make sure I didn’t touch the magnet. I also found that the lines (my favorite pattern) had the best magnet. The star was pretty good, too, I used it on my thumbs (which I didn’t take a picture of, whoops). Next time I’m going to do a base coat of a similar color to conserve my Magnetix.

I tried this with a matte topcoat and the design got kind of lost. With a glossy topcoat the subtle shimmer really pops out! This picture is pre-topcoat. I’d definitely recommend China Glaze’s Magnetix to anyone who wants magnetic polish but doesn’t want to pay ~$20 for a Nails, Inc one.

  • China Glaze Drawn to You

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