NOTD: Vibrant nails, finally!

Ok so this is the second manicure this week to actually follow this week’s theme, vibrant. It’s also my entry for Amandalandish’s Nail Art(ish) competition!! Wish me luck 🙂

All of the colors I used were from Holli’s package I got earlier today. I’ve been having a grumpy day and I was in desperate need of something bright and cheerful. Peachy Parfait isn’t a color I’d normally pick for myself but once I got it on I was so glad she got it for me! It was a little sheer at the first coat but with 3 coats it covered really nicely, I bet it’d look great as a glitter sandwich 🙂 Sadly my cell camera can’t photograph the color accurately. The actual color is more, well, peachy!

After I had Peachy Parfait on I thought it needed a little something more. I love accent nails and I had the gorgeously bright set of stripers so I started fiddling around with them. Purple first, ’cause, well, I love purple!

Pretty! But not bright enough!! I require more vibrancy! Pink!

Lookin’ nice! I was really happy with this look but since I’d used 2 of the 3 stripers I just had to toss the third in, too.

Mmm, yes, that makes me happy! I added a matte topcoat over it and it looked so nice. I was too tired to take pictures though, sorry!

  • Ulta Peach(y) Parfait (it’s new name, since I keep typoing Peach Parfait as Peachy Parfait!)
  • Kiss purple striper
  • Kiss pink striper
  • Kiss blue striper

4 thoughts on “NOTD: Vibrant nails, finally!

  1. Catherine says:

    Cute!! Makes me wonder if its worth investing in striper polishes, or to just keep using my brush set…?

  2. Kyoti says:

    I have a brush set but I haven’t used it yet. My only concern is that I wouldn’t be able to get all the polish off of the brush so it might get crusty or have darker colors that bleed into light colors when I use them. But they were like $3 for the set so they’re cheap enough I can replace them if I need to.

    I do really like having the brushes already in the polish but the brushes on their own have a lot more versatility with colors.

    • Catherine says:

      There’s some easy tricks to keeping the brush sets clean. Mostly you just get a little cap of pure acetone, soak the brush head in there, rinse it in a thing of water, and then dab onto a paper towel. Doing this will make your brushes good as new, though of constant exposure to acetone wears them out. Brushes are cheap to replace though, and it’s going to happen eventually.

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