I love my friends!

Oh. Em. Gee! I truly have the best friends!

I met my friend Holli through a mutual friend (they were dating at the time). When they took a break I lost contact with Holli for a couple months, but now her and her ex are on better terms and I’ve gotten to talk to her more! She’s awesome, very sweet and loving, creative, and oh so pretty! And she totally supports my polish addiction 😉 And she and I realized a few weeks ago that we have matching rings that we both wear on our thumbs (I wear mine on my right, she wears hers on her left).

She told me a couple weeks ago that she wanted to send me a package, “just because” (which is my very favorite reason), but then she totally toyed with my heart and I forgot about it for a while. In her defense, one of the things she sent me had to be ordered so it wasn’t intentional 😉 Today I open my mailbox and see a package waiting for me. I check the return address as I wasn’t expecting any packages so big. This is how it went: “Hm, [Holli’s last name]? Who’s tha–OOH!” followed by frantically ripping the package open and inspecting the contents.

Can I just say, on the record, that this girl absolutely knows my tastes! I’ve really been itching for some new colors since April and May are both no-buy months (darn bills!) but this totally satisfied my addiction. A few months ago she had gotten me in a random lip balm swap (more exciting than it sounds, trust me!) and she sent me some EOS balm in Summer Fruit and I simply fell in love! This time she included another amazing balm from EOS, this time in Honeysuckle Honeydew. And the Magnetix (my first!) polish she got me is purple, my favorite color. And she got me my first two Ulta polishes! Seriously, this girl knows me so well I’m starting to worry she planted microphones in my apartment ;-D Oh, and she included the cutest handmade card 🙂 Let’s check out this amazing stuff!

Love you, Holli! ❤

  • Ulta Jaded
  • Ulta Peach Parfait
  • China Glaze Drawn to You
  • Kiss purple/pink/blue striper set
  • EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew balm

One thought on “I love my friends!

  1. Holli Kohl says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you love everything! 🙂 Enjoy! We all expect to see your creative uses of these!

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