NOTD: Autism awareness

Oh look, another mani/pedi that’s for a cause! I’m on a roll with these. I’ve also completely disregarded that this week was supposed to be “vibrant”, it unofficially became purple week and now I’m breaking my rule and doing blue.

April is Autism Awareness month and the color associated with it is blue. I’ve been seeing a lot of blue mani/pedis this month and I decided to join in. In honor of autism awareness I mixed up my own glitter polish with silver and blue holo glitters. It also reminds me of Doctor Who’s TARDIS 🙂 Sadly the glitter I have bleeds out into the clear coat I use so the base has a slight purple tinge but over blue you can’t tell. It was so hard to photograph but this is the one that turned out best. Next time I use the glitter I’ll do a manicure so it’s easier to see.

  • Beauty Concepts metallic blue
  • Custom franken Blue Box

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