NOTD: Delicate print

My sweetheart helped with today’s NOTD! This week’s theme is vibrant and I just couldn’t pick a color. The only color I kept thinking of was bright orange and I just didn’t want to use that for a full mani. They ended up choosing this one (which I got in an international swap from my good friend Amy in the Netherlands!!) that I hadn’t had the chance to use yet.

Normally I think pinks make me look kind of “mother”ish but I just loved this color in the bottle. It’s weird because my mom only ever wore light browns, never pinks, but nonetheless my brain thinks “MOMMY” when I see pink nails on myself (which I am grateful at this time to not be one). Today’s mani turned out so pretty, though! Crystal Chrome is arguably the most perfect polish to stamp with, and I got it years ago for only $1! I have a light pink Sally Hansen chrome I’ll have to try stamping with too and I’ve heard the new Quick Color pens work great.

It was fun using the stamp I chose but orienting it differently. You can see that the big flower is in different places on all nails (and isn’t on my pinky at all!), but I think I like my middle finger and ring finger most. Next time I’m going to try doing the stamp upside down. I absolutely love how the silver stamping looks over this pink, and as usual clean up after stamping was so easy! I’m always so scared to topcoat though, I tend to smear, but thankfully I waited long enough to topcoat this mani.

  • Hema 07
  • Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome
  • Konad m60

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