Heaven in a 5′ square

Ok….I admit, the main reason I rearranged my room is so that I could have a dedicated manicure station. I used to have my computer on a nice glass desk and I’d use part of it to do my nails on. Doing my nails on glass was SO convenient for cleaning up spilled polish remover or bits of polish that got flicked onto the surface but it was a really uncomfortable desk overall. My computer area was so smooshed together I had little room.

I’ve had this awesome desk/bookcase combo and the matching mini bookcase from IKEA for months as my craft desk but it was mostly used to store my junk until I put it away. With two big desks and a queen sized bed in my room it was pretty darn cramped!! Over the course of a few days I went through everything in my bins and whittled everything down to just a few smaller bins. My one big craft bin with all my embroidery, jewelry-making, and papercrafting supplies fits in my closet now. And now I have all my favorite things within reach! Computer, crafts, and polish; I am a happy girl.

Craft stuff, computer, plushies, and my nail station! It's like heaven in a 5' square 😉

Where the magic happens!

I have all my nail supplies (acetone, cotton balls, tape, etc) in the large bin on the left of the bookcase (and the colors I need to swap/sell on top of it) and then all my nail art supplies in the small drawers right on top of my station. A lamp that’s the perfect height, fan to help with drying, and a little grey bin to keep my current polishes in. And of course, my entire polish collection within arm’s reach.


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