NOTD: I’ve made a huge mistake…

So I had a really cute idea: white base, use French tip guides to do asymmetrical rounded tips, then use microbeads to line the area between the two colors. The whole microbead/caviar thing is sort of a nail fad right now and it sounds really neat, but since this is No-Buy April (except for acetone and cotton balls) I couldn’t even buy the little set I saw at my local dollar store.

Then I had a (supposedly) brilliant idea: use some of the ball chain necklace that I was going to be throwing out anyways in place of the microbeads! What’s great is they’re connected so they’d actually stay together nicely, too. Sounds like a good plan, right? Well I failed to take into account the “micro” in “microbeads”, and I didn’t realize just how big the balls on the ball chain were. And well…I’ll just let you see for yourself…

Redonkulously huge balls

Yeah, this only lasted long enough for me to show my honey how bad of an idea I had, then I took it off right away and just did my nails the same light grey as the other nails. Today’s nails are going to be pretty boring, and for once I’m ok with that since my idea flopped so bad!

  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
  • Sally Hansen Wet Cement

2 thoughts on “NOTD: I’ve made a huge mistake…

  1. Lol! You are hilarious. 🙂 If it makes you feel better, I had a similar nail experience last night. I somehow screwed up the execution of a double-cloud manicure and just took it all off because it looked so bad. My nails are naked today for the first time in months and ahhh it’s so weird…. And not a good weird!

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