My own personal challenge

So I’ve been seeing quite a few blogs recently starting the 31 day challenge. I couldn’t bear redoing my nails every single day and the 52 week challenge some of my friends are doing is just way too long for me. And so I’ve come up with my own list! You’re all of course welcome to join me if you’d like, I’d love to see some fan nails! You’re always welcome to post to my Facebook page, whether it’s challenge-related or not 🙂

First, my rules: I can do any sort of nails/art I want for the week so long as the week’s theme or color is the dominant part of the manicure. For example, this week I can do whatever I want so long as the white/light grey is the main part of my manicure and more than just an accent. I’m actually writing this list up as I write the post so I have no idea how long this challenge will be for ;-D Let’s check out what I’ve got, shall we?

April 15-21

April 22-28

April 29-May 5

May 6-12

May 13-19

May 20-26

May 27-June 2

June is LGBT Pride month in the US so my nails will be LGBT Pride-themed for the whole month!

June 3-9

June 10-16

June 17-23

June 24-30

July 1-7

  • Scumbag blogger forgot to follow her theme!! Oops!

July 8-14

July 15-21

All right, so that’s a lucky 13 weeks of nail art, my first manicure of the week already had white as a major component and I already have a white manicure planned for this Thursday so I’m starting this partway into the week. I hope I can stick with this!!


25 thoughts on “My own personal challenge

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  8. […] This week’s theme is “A polish I’ve never used”. I’ve been waiting to try Selena because I had a specific idea in mind (that included two more polishes I’ve never used, perfect for this week’s theme!) and I must say I’m pretty darn happy with it. I have to admit, Selena looks…a little bit like baby poo. But it looks great for nail art, and I think this camo manicure is the perfect application. […]

  9. […] it took 3 coats for pretty thorough opacity and oh man the sparkle is amazing. Going along with this week’s theme this is a polish I’ve never used before (since it just came in the mail […]

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  13. […] This week’s theme is “space” and I’m getting a little sick of doing nail art, I wanted something “simple”. I settled on using Milani’s “Cyberspace“, which is a very loose interpretation of “space” I tried putting some star glitter on one nail but they didn’t stick well so I ended up redoing them. […]

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  16. […] This week’s theme is Geeky/Gamer! […]

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  19. […] This week’s theme is officially rainbow! I had an idea in mind for this but it didn’t turn out how I’d liked, but I’m far too tired to attempt it again so it’ll have to wait. I’ll probably try again tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it! […]

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  25. […] least one bottle in the foreseeable future. I absolutely failed at doing even a single manicure for last week’s theme so I’m just counting last week as a break, I’m re-starting week 12 and hoping to […]

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