NOTD: Matte ombre

Around the Internet “ombre” has been a recent fad. Basically you take 5 shades of a color (I chose pink/red) and do the lightest on one nail, the second lightest on the next, etc until you have the darkest color on the other side of your hand. Since I got three shades of pink from a giveaway (which you nightowls might remember from last night’s post) I figured now was a great time to try it and use up some of my pinks that I for some reason have so many of!

I also wanted to do a matte-icure since it’s been a few weeks since my last one. This mani was “nice” with a glossy topcoat but I just love it with the matte topcoat!

My pinky and ring finger were so similar in color that I took that polish off and replaced it after a few hours. Check the second photo for what it looks like now; I like it much better. I think next time I might do a pastel green to pastel or dark blue ombre!

  • Valmy 156
  • Wet n Wild Tickled Pink
  • Valmy 39
  • Wet n Wild Red
  • Valmy 157
  • Sally Hansen Whirlwind White (as a base for my ring finger in my updated mani)
  • Aziza nameless hot pink
  • Warpaint Mattify

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