NOTD: Smoky green with stamping

Yesterday I had a successful shoe shopping trip!! This is a rare and joyous occasion as I’m a weird size (between 10 wide and 11 wide) and I can almost never find cute, comfy, and affordable shoes. But yesterday I found two pairs! Ok, one pair isn’t exactly comfortable, but they’re cute enough to make up for it 😉 And the other pair is a very cute sandal that shows off my toes.

Later after I got home from my shopping trip I stubbed my toe and got a huge chip in it so, of course, I needed to do a new pedicure. This is so far from my usual color but I just find myself coming back to it. Perhaps because it has a special place in my heart, it was my first franken I ever made. I did a bit of stamping with my Konad special black polish on top. In fact, I tried a new method of stamping since I was impatient about my toes drying (keep an eye out for a tutorial, assuming my pics turned out good 😉 ). Please pardon the dry toe skin, my feet are very finicky.

I’m still working on making sure my stamps transfer entirely but let’s be honest, anyone who gets that close of a look at my toes probably doesn’t mind that the stamp didn’t transfer perfectly.

  • Custom polish Lothlórien Forest
  • Konad special black polish
  • BM-220 plate

One thought on “NOTD: Smoky green with stamping

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