NOTD: Blue and purple sparkle with matching ring

Yes, even more nail jewelry!! I found a set of rings at JoAnn’s–Plaid Ring Bling–that was actually stackable! It had two simple rings and one that you can attach gems to. I absolutely love stacking rings–two of my three everyday rings are stackable, though I wear them individually most of the time–so of course I had to pick this up. I had a coupon which made it about $4 for the set!! sadly they didn’t have my exact ring size so I got a size larger and it should work just fine.

This is my first ring I’ve been able to make since I’ve been having difficulty finding ring blanks. I’m just not a fan of adjustable rings, they always seem to pinch me and they corrode and crack too quickly for my liking, so finding the ring blanks at JoAnn’s was perfect. My wardrobe is generally on the dark side–I love black, dark blues, and dark purples–so I knew I had to do a darker theme for my ring. And since my favorite colors are blue and purple I knew I had to use Sally Hansen Laser as the topmost color. I used Dorothy Who? to add a bit more glitter, then two coats of Denim Dash for opacity and two coats of Silver Sweep to make the backing look silver. Finally I added a coat of Seche Vite to seal the back and after letting it dry for a little while I used some contact cement to glue it to my ring base. Next time I’ll be sure to let the finished gem dry a while longer as pressing the two pieces together caused some very minor warping but overall it looks fantastic!

And I couldn’t possibly show this ring off for the first time without doing my nails to match 🙂 (Also, I love the moment when I realize I already written up a blog post while I was doing my mani so by the time I finished and took pictures I just had to put them into the post!!)

  • Sally Hansen Silver Sweep (x2)
  • Maybelline Denim Dash (x2)
  • China Glaze Dorothy Who?
  • Sally Hansen Laser (x2)

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