Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know about a few updates to the site.

First off, I bought my domain name!! You can now go to http://KyotisNails.com and it will redirect you to my blog. I’m trying to figure out a way to host my site that doesn’t involve money, lol, but no luck yet.

I’ve also given in and started using Pinterest (follow me here! So far I only have nail inspiration) so you’ll start seeing some watermarks on my pictures. I’m going to try to make them as subtle and non-disrupting as possible though, I just want to make sure no one claims my work as their own 🙂

Finally, I’ve added a new page to the sidebar. It’s My Collection! In includes a link to my stash spreadsheet and a picture of my collection (on my handmade rack which I am so proud of!). I do have items available for sale/swap and I’m open to offers even on items that aren’t listed as available for swap. Leave a comment here or on the My Collection page if you’re interested (or if you see me using a color in any of my NOTD posts feel free to post a comment there).

Check out my collection!


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