NOTD: My fourth glitter explosion combo

Ugh, I hate cleaning. The worst part isn’t even that my hands get sore or I spend so much time doing it. The worst is that even with cleaning gloves my nails still get messed up 😥 I did some major scrubbing today and yesterday’s gorgeous mani was ruined! Thankfully my glitter explosion accent nails were still in good condition (I’m going on 5 days without removing my left ring finger’s polish, this is a new record!) so I snipped the fingers off of some latex gloves, used rubber bands to keep them on my accent fingers, and removed the rest of my polish to start anew. I trimmed my non-accent nails before doing this mani so they’re a bit awkward and uneven…once my glitter explosion comes off I’ll have to even things out.

What I ended up with was better than I had imagined. Caribbean Frost is such a nice teal that matches well with my teal glitter, I’m surprised I didn’t think to use it before! I used more of my nail crystals just for fun ($5 for 1000 silver crystals in different shapes, love it!) and I’m so pleased with it.

Oh, and in case you missed my last three manicures using the glitter explosion accent, here they are! Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

  • China Glaze Dorothy Who? (2x as base for accent)
  • Prisma silver glitter
  • Prisma teal glitter
  • Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost
  • Nail crystals



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