NOTD: Purple and teal and flakies and glitter, oh my!

So it’s taken me three tries to find a color that matches my glitter explosion accents but it was well worth the wait. My second try, late last night, was nowhere near what I wanted so I ended up taking it off just a few hours after waking up this morning. That shade of baby pink just doesn’t suit my skintone so it was just more of a reason to try again.

None of my glitters really fit with the teal, none were dense enough to get the coverage I got with the teal so I had to improvise. So I decided to skip using a glitter and instead go for something similar but different enough to remain interesting and not be overshadowed by the glitter–a flakie! I used two coats of Wet n Wild Disturbia (which I absolutely love) and one coat of Orly Fowl Play (which I also absolutely love) and it is exactly the look I was hoping for. It even matched the sweater I wore today! I added a couple nail crystals in a teal nearly identical to my glitter, they just came yesterday so I was dying to try them–$5 for 2400 crystals in 12 colors! I’m gonna have so much fun :3

I had to run to my sweetheart’s mom’s house for dinner right after finishing so I didn’t have time to post right away, but their dog (a sweet silver Shih Tzu) was kind enough to help me model my nails.

  • Wet n Wild Disturbia
  • Orly Fowl Play
  • China Glaze Dorothy Who? (2x as base for accent)
  • Prisma silver glitter
  • Prisma teal glitter
  • Nail crystals

Also, just for giggles, I call this picture “The awkward things I do when I only want to change part of my mani…”

I couldn’t risk my lovely glittery nails getting damaged! But I’ve got those little latex finger covers very high on my shopping list…


3 thoughts on “NOTD: Purple and teal and flakies and glitter, oh my!

  1. Oh man, those nail crystals are pretty perfect. Also lol @ the last picture. You can pick up latex “finger condoms” at stores like Target. 😛

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  3. […] in love with. Then I updated my default photo with an actual nice picture of a manicure (I used my purple and teal and glitter and flakies mani that was modeled by my in-laws’ sweet Shih Tzu, Gucci) and I have a proper Facebook URL […]

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