NOTD: Whimsical and Popular to celebrate my new nephew

My honey’s sister had a new baby boy yesterday!! He’s her second baby, she’ll have two little boys running around soon enough.

To celebrate I decided to finally use Popular and Whimsical which I won from Nails Adored‘s giveaway recently. I actually started this manicure last night at midnight, I’d noticed my Stone Cold matte-icure chipped and I, of course, had to remove it immediately. Sadly my nail experiment failed, even with a total of 7 layers of lacquer. My matte-icure lasted the same amount of time with the extra topcoat versus without the extra topcoat, only it was exponentially more difficult to remove!! I went through 4 cotton balls (I unroll them and cut them into chunks) whereas I can normally use 1 or 2 for most manicures.

I told myself that since it was so late I would just do a base coat and then finish my nails in the morning…Then I told myself I’d just do my base color and do the glitter in the morning…then suddenly it was 1AM and I was putting my topcoat on after my glitter >.> Thank goodness for quick-dry topcoat, I actually got to sleep before 2AM. I got frustrated with this manicure because the glitter in Whimsical was just so sparse, I had to try to very carefully hand-place the larger pieces of glitter, and even then it was sparse. Popular, on the other hand, had perfect coverage with just a single coat. Next time I’ll plan on doing at least two or three coats of Whimsical to ensure I get enough of the large glitter on the nail, but for now I’m happy with how it turned out.

  • NYC Cashmere Creme
  • Playboy Baby Pink
  • Revlon Whimsical
  • Revlon Popular

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