Nail experiment: Matte that lasts more than a day!

I love matte nail polish. But I hate that it chips so easily, even with a matte topcoat 😦 And I’m so in love with my Girl on Fire manicure that I want this to last more than a day. Last night after dyeing my hair I had two chips in my 2-day-old manicure. So I’ve decided to do a nail experiment and see if I can prolong the life of my matte-icure.

Hypothesis: Putting a layer of normal/quick-dry topcoat (or two or three) over my matte polish and then doing a matte topcoat over it will prolong the life of my matte-icure.

After my chips I decided I didn’t want to totally redo the nails so here’s what I have on my nails, starting at the base:

  • 1x LA Colors hardener/strengthener (for base coat)
  • 2x China Glaze Stone Cold
  • on accents: 1x NYC Grand Central Station quick-dry topcoat
  • on accents: 1x LA Colors base/topcoat needle marbled with Wet n Wild
  • on non-accents: 1x Warpaint Mattify

This is the point where my polish started chipping and I had to repair.

  • on non-accents: 1x Stone Cold
  • on all nails: 1x NYC Grand Central Station
  • on all nails: 1x Warpaint Mattify

Here are a couple photos of my nails right now.

So as you can see I have a pretty thick layer of lacquer on me right now. I’m hopeful that this will last me at least a few days, hopefully until the premiere of the Hunger Games movie (even though I doubt I’ll see it opening day) on the 23rd.

Oh, and just because I wanted to share my pretty purple hair…I did it by myself at home for the first time ever! The only help I needed was to get the back of my head 🙂 Next time I’m going to a salon though because I got a fair amount of purple on my counter top. There goes my renter’s deposit… >.>

It’s more purple in real life but horrid bathroom lighting makes it look blueish. Guess I just need to take some outside pics soon!


2 thoughts on “Nail experiment: Matte that lasts more than a day!

  1. _jaded says:

    Just wipe the stained counter down with bleach, leave for about 10 minutes and wipe over again to remove the remaining bleach. Should get most of it off! It’s what I do with all my purple/pink/green/blue splatters lol

  2. […] noticed my Stone Cold matte-icure chipped and I, of course, had to remove it immediately. Sadly my nail experiment failed, even with a total of 7 layers of lacquer. My matte-icure lasted the same amount of time with the […]

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