NOTD: Updated St Patty’s

So this NOTD post is actually a day late–I spent all day today with my mom and didn’t get the chance to post. I did have an awesome time having sushi and doing her nails though so I do hope you’ll all forgive me!!

As I mentioned in my last NOTD post with my St Patty’s nails, St Patrick’s day isn’t really one of my holidays. It’s a nice excuse to wear green though, especially on my nails! But I was done with the clover designs by the evening of St Patrick’s so I put a latex glove on my right hand to protect the rest of my polish and removed just the accent nails on my left hand, leaving me with a lovely clean slate!

I decided I wanted to do an up-close comparison of my other dark green, Sinful Colors San Francisco, since I wasn’t amazed by Suvi. I noticed when comparing Suvi on my nails to my nail wheel of San Francisco that they look very similar. I started with a base of San Francisco then used French tip guides to do the curve of Suvi. I added my last two green nail crystals (which I must buy more of asap!!) and was pretty happy with it.

When I finally was able to compare San Francisco and Suvi side by side on the same nail I was amazed at just how similar they are. They’re nearly identical  except that San Francisco is a bit lighter, more vibrant, and has a bit of microshimmer in it whereas Suvi is just a flat, deep, emerald green. In fact they were so similar my fancy camera could barely even catch the differences.

  • Zoya Suvi
  • Sinful Colors San Francisco
  • Nail crystals

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