NOTD: Let the polish fall where it may; a nail experiment

So I very quickly got sick of the flowers from yesterday’s NOTD. I didn’t bother to topcoat them after I put the stickers on so I just scraped the stickers off and used a q-tip with nail polish remover to get rid of the flowers’ stems. That, my friends, is why I topcoat over my base color when doing nail art!! So easy to remove if I’m not happy with the results.

I ended up totally destroying my ring finger when removing the flower stem so I just took all the polish off of it before doing my nail experiment. My experiment was to create a random marbled effect. I didn’t remove the polish on any of my other nails so I’m most happy with how the ring finger turned out.

To get this effect (the proper way, as on my ring finger) I swiped the blue polish somewhat thickly and randomly over part of my nail, then took my green polish and dripped dots onto the bare part of my nail. Using the small end of my dotting tool I made sure the two colors connected and didn’t leave any bare nail. In the end I got a fairly Earth-y looking design which I like! The other nails I cheated on, I dabbed nail polish onto them and tried to make a random pattern with my dotting tool–not the same effect but still neat 🙂

  • Orly Lucky Duck
  • Anise Urban Jungle

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