NOTD: Tons of sparkle!

Good news, everyone! I’ll never have to worry about picking colors for my manicures again! Now that I’ve swatched all my colors (I’ll have a whole blog post about that soon-ish!) and put them into a spreadsheet I can just use a random number generator to pick my color(s)! 😀 Now the only problem is I need help picking out what sort of nail art to do 😉

Since I skimped and didn’t use a base coat for yesterday’s Scandalous mani I got a chip late last night, just a few hours after I’d finished 😦 I expected it’d chip quickly but not quite that quickly! Oh well, it gave me an excuse to try out something new even though I’ve been lacking inspiration recently.

So I grabbed a couple numbers from a random number generator and went to work. The first color it picked was Sally Hansen’s DVD which I don’t like layered just over the nude nail so I had it pick another color from my blues. It picked a wonderful color to be paired with DVD–Wild n Crazy’s Crush on You! I normally don’t wear the same base colors or even glitters more than once a month and I just wore Crush on You two weeks ago. But I can’t argue with entropy, and the computer gods had decided. I picked out a couple other glitters to layer over it and in the end I came out with a sparkle-fest!

I’ve added in a blurry photo to try to show the sparkle but it still can’t capture some of the lovely microglitters, especially Busted! Once again I regret that I do my nails at night so often, I have to wait until tomorrow morning to see it in the sunlight 😦

  • Wild n Crazy Crush on You
  • Sally Hansen DVD
  • Prisma glitter purple/blue
  • Pure Ice Busted

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