NOTD: Scandalous with tons of nail stickers

So as you may have seen in my earlier post I got nail mail today! I’d been planning manicures since I found out I won the Nails Adored giveaway and I knew I had to try Scandalous first. I’ve also been meaning to use up some of my nail crystals and nail stickers I bought recently so I figured I’d just sort of throw everything I had into this mani…. I may have overdone it just a smidge 😉

Oh well, I don’t care if I’ve overdone it, I’m really happy with how this turned out! I can’t wait to see how Scandalous looks in the sunlight tomorrow 🙂 I wanted to avoid using more of this gorgeous color than I needed to so I put a single base coat of black on most of my nails, then did accents with purple to lighten how Scandalous would look once it was painted on.

  • Wet n Wild Black Creme
  • e.l.f. Royal Purple
  • Revlon Scandalous
  • Kiss nail stickers
  • Various nail gems

One thought on “NOTD: Scandalous with tons of nail stickers

  1. […] I skimped and didn’t use a base coat for yesterday’s Scandalous mani I got a chip late last night, just a few hours after I’d finished I expected it’d chip […]

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