NOTD: Taped and dotted rainbow gradient

A few weeks ago I saw a great tutorial for gorgeous gradient nails that incorporated both taping AND dotting, it looked pretty complex but the final product was so amazing I knew I had to try it sometime.

Fast forward to last night, I spontaneously decided I wanted to do these nails but that I wanted a rainbow gradient. I decided to do it in 3 stages: Stage 1, the flat base color; Stage 2, the taping; Stage 3, the dotting. Stage 1 happened last night and I’d planned on Stages 2 and 3 being spread across 2 days but I got too impatient, I did Stage 2 this afternoon and I just finished Stage 3 tonight.

At first, I hated it. The dots just weren’t turning out right, they were inconsistent in size, and I just wanted to take off all my polish and go to bed angry and with naked nails. But then I told myself, “ok, the reason you hate it is because your dots aren’t ‘good enough’. Why aren’t they good enough? Because you don’t have enough practice. So how do you fix this? You finish this stupid manicure and get practice so next time it’s perfect!” (yes, I pep-talk myself, what of it? ;-P) And so I took my advice and just trudged on until I finished. When I looked at the final product I was so glad I’d continued with it because despite its imperfections I think it turned out pretty darn awesome!

I took more pictures than usual to try to show the whole manicure so be forewarned! I’ve included a close-up of my favorite nail, the blue/purple on my thumb just look so great together! 🙂

  • LA Colors Electrified (with a bit of Wild n Crazy Pierre, a deep red, mixed in to give a deeper red color)
  • Custom color Orange Metallic (because I haven’t had time to give it a good name yet. Suggestions??)
  • Orly Luxe
  • Color Club Kiss Me Mistletoe
  • Orly Sweet Peacock
  • Zoya Rea

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