NOTD: Metallic rainbow

I’m a huge sucker for rainbows. I probably do at least one rainbow manicure a month!

And I just love these Sally Hansen Color Quick pens. They dry 100% in about 5 minutes, it takes about 3 coats for the best look and you still get some semi-bare spots (as you can see on my right thumb; you can’t see it as noticeably straight-on though) but for the time it takes to do a whole mani it’s so worth it! This whole mani probably took about half an hour, then maybe another 5 minutes to get those darn nail stickers on (those suckers are hard to get off without tearing sometimes). All in all, less than an hour for the whole look!!

Sorry for the awkward hand poses, it was the best way to see the nail stickers.

  • Sally Hansen Fuschia Chrome
  • Sally Hansen Gold Chrome
  • Sally Hansen Green Chrome
  • Sally Hansen Turquoise Chrome
  • Sally Hansen Purple Chrome
  • Broadway nails floral stickers

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